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Ways to get a Gothic Home Decor Easily!

Ways to get a Gothic Home Decor Easily!

The Gothic architecture has its origin in the 1740s, when classy and gorgeous architectural designs were something today’s homemakers want to copy. When you hear about the term Gothic, you often imagine it to be creepy and scary looking but it can be given a completely elegant and classy touch as well. You can revive […]

ideas to enhance the splendour of your foyer

Ideas to Enhance the Splendour of your Foyer

Foyer is the entranceway to your beautiful house. It should have a dramatic and striking look to create that awe-inspiring impression about your taste in the minds of your guests. Hence look into the intricate details to lend that sublime flavour to it. Foyer Decorating Suggestions It should emanate a certain amount of warmth and […]

themes to decorate your cottage

Top 5 Themes to Decorate your Cottage

Whether you live in a cottage or own one as a holiday retreat, it is important to decorate it in the correct manner for it to seem welcoming and cozy. A cottage that is decorated in a particular theme or style not only makes it look aesthetically attractive but also boosts its resale value. Cottages […]

boudoir designing ideas

Different Aspects of Boudoir Designing Ideas

A boudoir is an elegant space designed for a lady, which is a bedroom or a parlor aesthetically designed with antique furniture and plush fabrics to reflect her splendid, feminine personality. With a plethora of designing ideas to choose from, it is not hard to create a boudoir themed bedroom, designed in a slightly French […]

tips to choose interior wall color

4 Smart tips to choose Interior Wall Color

Once you have made up your mind about the decision of painting the space, you can start contemplating on the color you want to paint the walls. Keep in mind that the color should be in sync with the mood of the room. If you want a peppy and cheerful vibe, go for bright colors, […]

furniture ideas for small apartments

Furnish Your Small Apartments Interestingly With 6 Effective Ideas

A small apartment is a difficult space to furnish, due to the lack of storage and limited floor area.  People often make the mistake of overcrowding a small apartment or house so as to include all necessary items and furniture pieces but this is not the best idea to furnish an apartment. Even with the […]

Go Primer-Less with Aura

Latest and Trendy Interior Paint Products

Spring is approaching fast and so is the need to spruce up your home and bring in some sunshine. Painting is an essential part of spring cleaning activity for many. So here are the latest and trendiest interior paint products for you to choose from: Go Primer-Less with Aura Benjamin Moore has introduced a primer-less painting […]

Ideas for Painted Stair Runners

Ideas for Painted Stair Runners

The traditional stair runners are a great way to make sure that the stairs will be quiet, but they seem somewhat formal and outdated. This is why a lot of homeowners are looking for a more modern alternative, such as painted stair runners. Keep it Simple The good thing about the painted stair runners is […]

Painting Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms

Painting Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms

Before thinking about painting ideas for children’s bedrooms the first thing that you have to do is to talk to the child to find out about his or her expectations and use that as a starting point. This is something that you can build your ideas on. Pink Although it may sound like a cliché to have […]

Different Types of Painting Styles for Walls

Different Types of Painting Styles for Walls

If you want to take home decoration a step further you should remember that the walls could become the most important accessory of a room if you consider using different types of painting style for walls. There are a lot of different effects that you may create to bring your room to life. Sponge If you […]