Different Types of Painting Styles for Walls

If you want to take home decoration a step further you should remember that the walls could become the most important accessory of a room if you consider using different types of painting style for walls. There are a lot of different effects that you may create to bring your room to life.

Different Types of Painting Styles for Walls


If you would like to use this technique you will need a solid base color. Make sure that the paint is dry and then apply a glaze or wash with the help of a roller. Before this dries you should use a sponge to expose the base color. As a result you will have a clouded effect.

Second Layer

After the first layer of glaze dries you could use another one of the different painting style types for walls. You will have to add another layer of glaze. You can choose a different color this time or go for the same color to achieve different shades. People often go for darker colors as the base color and then they use brighter hues.


Use this one of the different types of painting style for walls to achieve a glassy look. In the end the walls will have a leathery look. Apply the base coat and once it’s dry, apply the second layer. Cover the wall with a plastic sheet while the paint is still wet. Use a hand broom to press it against the wall.

Peel it

When you are done with the preparations for this one of the different paint kinds of walls, peel off the plastic wrap. Make sure that you don’t drag it and you should work with large surfaces at once. The medium-sized wraps work the best and they make your job easier.


This one of the different types of painting style for walls is usually used in case of living rooms because it offers a broken color look. You can create the look by using rags or paper towels. Use small strokes to apply the base color on the entire wall. Allow it to dry.

Roll it

To use this one of the different types of painting style for walls, apply the glaze with a roll. Use the rags or the paper towels to drag the color off in different directions. To achieve different textures, change the pressure applied.

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