Top 5 Themes to Decorate your Cottage

Whether you live in a cottage or own one as a holiday retreat, it is important to decorate it in the correct manner for it to seem welcoming and cozy. A cottage that is decorated in a particular theme or style not only makes it look aesthetically attractive but also boosts its resale value.

Cottages are usually classic and traditional in nature and decorating them in a modern style may not be the best idea. There are many nice themes which you can try for decorating your cottage and below given is the list of the top 5 ones:

themes to decorate your cottage

1. Rustic Cottage Decoration

One of the themes that you can go for while decorating a cottage is the rustic theme. Rustic cottages have deep and woody décor and the look is unfinished and rough in nature. Rustic cottages include a lot of wood-work, wrought iron and similar materials. The furniture used in this theme is oversized and casual and the overall place appears dark and cozy. Rustic look can also be understood as an antique look and works well for cottages.

2. Swedish Cottage Decoration

Another theme that you can go for to decorate your cottage is Swedish decoration. Swedish style cottages are usually very bright and for this you can make use of light, airy and fresh colors such as whites, light blues, light greens, soft grays etc. The furniture used must be simple yet sleek and the overall appearance must be cheery and not gloomy or dark. Since Swedish style cottages make use of light colors in most parts, a hint of brighter shades like reds can be given to balance the airiness.

3. French Cottage Decoration

French cottages are casual yet consist of rich and sophisticated interiors. To decorate your cottage in French style, you must use some vibrant colors which represent French landscape.  You must plaster your walls; hang paintings, use stone or wood for the flooring in your cottage. A lot of attention must be paid to the decorating fabrics as well as the linen and there must be a central dining table around which everything else is placed.

4. English Cottage Decoration

English cottages are cozy, warm and comfortable. Use earthy tones like deep browns, oranges, greens and yellows so that one who enters the house feels extremely welcomed.  Stone and wood are two elements which characterize an English style cottage and must be used for decoration.

The furniture must have an earthy and rustic look and for this you can use either wood or wrought iron. To enhance the appeal of the entire place, you can bring in some worn out lamp shades, coffee tables and shelves etc.

5. Beach Cottage Decoration

If you wish to go for beach style decoration, then try to achieve a clean and breezy appearance for the place. The interiors must be clutter free and soothing shades like whites, blues and pastels must be used. In bathrooms and kitchens, use tiles with shells, fish and other marine things made on them. Add comfortable couches, pebbles on doorways, paintings of boats and ships etc to complete the look.


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