How to Make the Most of Country Style Color Scheme?

There are a lot of people who prefer the country style for their home, but they would like to use a combination of colors. If you happen to be one of them, there are some combinations that you should consider, but you have to make sure that you get them right.

How to Make the Most of Country Style Color Scheme?

Grey and acid yellow

This combination is inspired by the style of the 1970?s when it was really fashionable to combine neutral colors with yellow or orange. For example you may have the walls painted yellow and have a blue-grey couch. In order to have some contrast in the room, think about painting the window frames white.

Pink and brown

Pastel colors look great in the majority of the homes. You can use baby pink, but you may need some brown to tone it down. You can use these colors to paint a vanity. The vanity itself should be pink, while the back of it should be brown. Also, mix in a bit of white when painting the drawer.


Although the majority of people think that grey is a cold color, you should know that it also has some warm tones and the good thing about it is that it can be used almost anywhere. In the kitchen you should layer the different shades of grey. To have some edge, you should also have some white items.


It is a really good idea to combine rich berries and reds with dusky overtones. This way you can make your kitchen look more sophisticated. If you have a large space to work with, you can use darker hues. For instance if you have a high ceiling, you may paint it red.

Eclectic and fruity palette

One of the hottest colors of the season that you can also use in a country style home is orange. You can have a tangerine shade on the walls and add some items to the room in fruity purple and lime green. This way you can achieve freshness and warmth.

Going green

Green is just perfect for the living room and the bedroom. You may combine green hues to achieve depth and to make the room more interesting. The color works best if you use it with grey. In the same time you could also use some red to make it look more modern. You should make sure that there are no other colors.


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