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home accessories that you must have

Few Home Accessories that you Must Have

Home décor is something that encompasses numerous elements of designs together starting from the design of your floor to the furniture and from the colors of the paints of your walls to the different accessories that you want to keep in the different rooms of your apartment. No matter, what you prefer, it is important […]

avoid for a woman in her home

Things to Avoid for a Woman in her Home

A home is a mirror of your personality and is a tribute to your individuality. Your home says a lot about your tastes and personal preferences and hence it should have things in it that is chosen with care. Your feminine tastes may be an important ingredient to include in the designing of your home […]

ways to accessorize your kitchen

8 Ways to Accessorize your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a space in the house which is as important as your bedroom or living room. Do not neglect it or ignore it as far as its decoration and designing is concerned. There are many ways in which you can accessorize your kitchen and make it look highly appealing and welcoming to not […]

living room lighting ideas

Make Your Living Room More Stylish With These Lighting Ideas

Lighting plays a very important role as far as decorating any space is concerned. Be it an office space, a living room, a kitchen or a bathroom, without proper lighting, all these spaces can become dull and uninteresting.  Especially when it comes to a living room, taking care of lighting is very essential.   A […]

Cupboard design ideas for small bedrooms

Some Small Yet Functional Cupboard Designs for Your Abode

A house is a construction that includes the pre-decided combinations of bricks, cements, paints and other building material. It turns into a ‘home’ when the individuals living in it decorates in accordance to their lifestyle. However, a common problem, which is faced by most of us, is the ‘space problem’. The most usual and common […]

Scandinavian Christmas Trends for 2013

Scandinavian Christmas Trends for 2013

As the Christmas holidays approach, more and more people start thinking about Scandinavian trends that would complement the holiday spirit. If you are one of these people the good news is that there are a lot of trends for you to choose from. Blanket There is nothing better than to snuggle up in a blanket […]

Mark & Spencer Decorating Details to Love

Mark & Spencer Decorating Details to Love

In our days more and more people realize that nature is important for all of us. This is why some home designers have introduced pieces inspired by nature to bring the outdoors indoors. Pieces of this kind can be found at Marks&Spencer and you can be sure that the even the smallest details can make […]

Living Rooms with Skylights

Living Rooms with Skylights

Although skylights can add a nice touch to your home, keep in mind that having skylights doesn’t guarantee that you will have a fabulous design in your home. For this you might be interested in some ideas regarding living rooms with skylights. Vivid colors The effects that you can achieve depend on the surface that the […]


Skylights and the benefits

Enabling natural sunlight to flood into a home, a skylight is a horizontal window that’s built into the roof. Often called roof lights, skylights are a popular choice with many because they’re so effective at increasing the amount of lighting in a home. Perhaps you’ve got a dark room in your house? Add a skylight […]

How to Put Tiles in Your Kitchen?

If you would like to bring your kitchen to new life all you have to think about is installing new tiles. Buthow to put tiles in your kitchen? There are some easy steps to follow in order to make sure that you will get everything right. Planning First you have to measure the length of […]