Ways to get a Gothic Home Decor Easily!

The Gothic architecture has its origin in the 1740s, when classy and gorgeous architectural designs were something today’s homemakers want to copy. When you hear about the term Gothic, you often imagine it to be creepy and scary looking but it can be given a completely elegant and classy touch as well. You can revive the Gothic architecture and décor in your home by taking inspiration from the decorative patterns and details of this historically elegant home décor concept. Read below:


  • Include drama and elegance: These two are the most important aspects of Gothic home décor. This style is not for those who love light colors. It is for those who would like to have curvy carved furniture in their house with concentrating on minute details.
  • Select bold colors: Light shades are a big NO for walls, furniture or any other home décor. You need to select dark, deep and bold shades, be it walls, furniture, sofas, cushions, curtains or any other accessory for your home. The moment you add a light colored décor, your entire theme is going to be disturbed.
  • Include wallpapers: It is important to have wallpapers on your walls in order to achieve this theme. If you want a traditional plus modern looking décor, you can go for elegant textures like brocade and if you want drama, you can go for a velvet or smooth textured wall paper. Go for rich and royal colors like black, gold or deep red. Floral patterns should be permanently off the list.
  • Black is a must: Whatever type of Gothic ideas you choose, inclusion of the Black color is indeed very necessary as it is the main color of the theme. It should not be used too much or else, you will end up decorating a haunted house for yourself.
  • Include earth elements: Inclusion of wood, brick and terra-cotta are a must while selecting this décor. You can also use deep natural colors like dark ocean blue, deep ruby or emerald or deep burgundy or brown shade can be used on the wood or bricked textures.
  • Elegant fabrics: Like said earlier, do not use light colored or plain looking fabrics. Look for silk, satin, velvet textured fabrics in bold colors and patterns. Hint towards having a glamorous look. Imagine the fabric used in old castles and their colors and use exactly the same type of fabric.
  • Home accessories: The home accessories you choose should be something like pottery bowls, carved wooden items and iron lamp shades which look a little old and antique. You can find this in an antique shop easily. You can also have carved statues, iron chandeliers and heavy looking rugs.
  • Windows: You can have lancet windows, which are narrow windows pointed at the arch, usually made of stained glass surrounded by heavy looking moldings.
  • Yellow lights: This is the last and the most important thing you need to concentrate on. If you do everything mentioned above and yet put on white LED lights, it is going to spoil the look. Make sure you have deep yellow lights.


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