5 Metal Furnishings to Choose for Your Home

Metal furniture and accessories are the latest trend among interiors.

Here are 5 designer metal furniture pieces that will add to your interiors this year.

1. Jett Table from Oly

Jett Table from Oly

This 20’s inspired table is designed as a great addition to your hallway. The only feature that makes it a modern piece is its finish. The sleek glossy finish to the table makes it an ideal piece to showcase your valuable pieces on or over it. We suggest an antique wooden mirror or a painting masterpiece to be placed above the table. Depending on the interiors and the décor, you could also go for a stainless steel version of the same table. Shop for this piece at olystudio.com

2. Still Table from Minotti

Still Table from Minotti

This designer table has handcrafted gold-nickel finish. The peculiar design is inspired by science fiction settings and will fit into any crisply designed interiors with ease. It will look stunning in a straight and elegantly designed room. Also available in chrome finish at minottiny.com

3. Copper Seating by Blu Dot

Copper Seating by Blu Dot

The modern chair design has been molded into a metallic version using copper sheets. This can be easily used as an accent piece in your library or even your bedroom. The origami-like structure is ideal for every seating style. It is actually a powder coated version and hence can be easily fabricated in any metallic shade, to suit the color schemes of your interiors. Order yours from bludot.com

4. Polygonal Stool from Made Goods

Polygonal Stool from Made Goods

This metal coated ceramic stool looks as good outdoors as it does in the interiors of your home. Set it in the garden or between club chairs to maximize its look. Try placing a pair close to the fireplace and watch how its radiance is reflected throughout the room, with an added advantage that it will capture the warmth and keep your seat cozy as you sip your cup of hot chocolate on a winter night. Available at plantationdesign.com

5. Copper Desk from Anthropologie

Copper Desk from Anthropologie

This is an ideal piece if you are dressing up a feminine room. The rosy hues of copper can adorn your room and make it a place for placing your vanity fare. Alternately, you could pair it with a black seating arrangement and make it your study desk. It can also form part of a kitchen if used tactfully. You could order it online from anthropologie.com


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