Ideas to Enhance the Splendour of your Foyer

Foyer is the entranceway to your beautiful house. It should have a dramatic and striking look to create that awe-inspiring impression about your taste in the minds of your guests. Hence look into the intricate details to lend that sublime flavour to it.

ideas to enhance the splendour of your foyer

Foyer Decorating Suggestions

  • It should emanate a certain amount of warmth and so it should be painted with a vibrant colour like red.
  • The runner decorating your foyer should be elegantly placed away from furniture to give it that essence of openness.
  • To avoid the trouble of cleaning the runner on a regular basis, one can be painted on the floor to enhance the splendour of your foyer.
  • The wall of the foyer greeting your guests should be dramatic. A good idea is to prepare an awe-inspiring wall display out of wall paper to give that perfect striking look it deserves.
  • The elegance of the wall can also be enhanced by a cluster of mirrors exuberating grace.
  • A second fiddle version of this idea would be to decorate shadow boxes with personalized items like family photographs, collectibles, letters, cards etc. to give your foyer a distinguished splendour.
  • The placement of mirror in your foyer to capture and direct the sunlight into the hallway to illuminate it with natural radiance of the sun. The mirror should be painted a dazzling white for that brilliant sparkle.
  • The strategic positioning of the mirror should be made use of to increase the space of the entranceway.
  • Adorning the staircase with bold, elegant framed family photographs will lend your foyer effulgence and gentility.
  • Stair risers can be painted with peppy colours to impart a dynamic flavour. Dark shades with a lustrous shine can effectively conceal scratch marks.
  • The corner of your foyer can be adorned with a little table or even a chair to give it a snug feel.
  • The chair can be given a makeover with an artistic piece of fabric; tablecloth or runner. This will enhance the beauty of the nook.
  • The roof of your foyer can be embellished with a captivating, exquisitely designed chandelier that will add élan to that space. Placing of the chandelier is crucial. Too high or low placement will mar the effect.
  • Table lamp can be used to create that magical effect by its glow. It should have a sleek, chic appearance to blend perfectly on a console table.
  • The foyer should be kept neat and clean. Otherwise that dramatic look will be lost. Shopping lists, bills, important notes should be clipped together and placed neatly at a corner in the foyer.
  • A shoe rack should be provided at the foyer, so that children can take off their shoes and keep it on the rack neatly instead of throwing them here and there.
  • On a final note, the horde of your belongings should not clutter your foyer. Hooks, racks and bins should be present to systematically arrange all your staff. Otherwise the finesse and grace of the space will be marred.


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