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Use contrasting colours to brighten the room

Style Your Dark Wood Floor

If you have dark wood flooring and are in need of some decorating tips you have come to the right place. With the right help and a few simple tricks, you can use your stunning solid wood floor to create a stylish looking room. Take a look at our easy tips and tricks below, and […]

carpet runner for a new home

Choosing a Carpet Runner for a New Home

In case you have wooden stairs in your home sooner or later you might be thinking about having runners. The truth is that runners represent a stylish addition to any entryway, but you have to make sure that you get it right because it might represent a relatively large investment. Other Carpets The first thing […]

Better Homes and Gardens Flooring Ideas

Better Homes and Gardens Flooring Ideas

The flooring of a room or of an outside space can make all the difference. This is why there are a lot of homeowners looking for better homes and gardens flooring ideas. Naturally it’s not only about the looks of the flooring; it also needs to be functional. Wooden Tiles If you have only a small […]

Master Bathroom Floor Plan Ideas

Master Bathroom Floor Plan Ideas

There are a lot of couples looking for master bathroom floor plan ideas because it is difficult to find a plan idea that satisfies both users. In the majority of the cases, there are three focus areas of the bathroom: the toilet, sink and bath tub/shower. It’s all about space It is common for people to be […]

Wood vs. Laminate – How to Clean High Quality Flooring?

The flooring is an important part of our homes, and this is why it is important for the homeowners to clean their flooring properly. The flooring could be wood or laminate and you have to clean the flooring according to its characteristics. Laminate flooring The biggest enemy of this kind of flooring is dirt because […]

Flooring Tips for Your Home

There are many options when it comes to installing floors within a home. From bamboo floors to tile floors, each has its own benefits, along with its own cost factors. Continue reading below to discover some valuable flooring tips about five different types of flooring: Hardwood Flooring Costs: $3 to $10 per square foot Hardwood floors are a […]

Wood vs. Laminated

Wood vs. Laminated – How and Why to Choose the Right Flooring

Almost all the people who are thinking about investing in new flooring have to decide whether they will have wood or laminated floors. The truth is that the question may be somewhat confusing and this is why you should consider the most aspects possible. What is it made of? The laminated flooring is made of several layers […]

The Bamboo Flooring Company

Bamboo Floors – Need-to-Know Basis for the Green Decorator in You

When people are talking about flooring, they are usually referring to the traditional materials, such as oak wood, but there are also some other materials to be taken into consideration, like bamboo. The bamboo flooring sounds somewhat exotic and it is due to the color it has. It is naturally light in color, but it […]

Ambience Oak Flooring

Hard Floor Details You Should Be on a Lookout For

When thinking about renovating a home there is more to consider than just the walls – there is also the floor that you have to make decisions about. Nowadays there are many different kinds of flooring, and this is why it is difficult to distinguish the high quality ones. The solid wood strip floors or […]

Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Hardwood Floor Maintenance in Home Decoration

Wooden floors bring in warmth and elegance to any room. They add a lot of character and charm to the entire house. Wood flooring may be either solid hard wood flooring or parquet flooring. Either way it requires special care and maintenance to keep its beauty untouched over time. There is plenty that you can […]