Painting Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms

Before thinking about painting ideas for children’s bedrooms the first thing that you have to do is to talk to the child to find out about his or her expectations and use that as a starting point. This is something that you can build your ideas on.

Painting Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms


Although it may sound like a cliché to have the room of little girls painted pink, there are a lot of modifications you could make. For instance paint the walls in a pale pink and paint the ceiling to a deep pink or even fuchsia. Make sure that there are some pink accessories in the room as well.


It is one of the best ideas for children’s bedroom painting to paint the walls yellow. This is a bright color that will make the room look larger. For a more creative approach, have stripes on the wall: have a white stripe and a yellow stripe to make the room look sunnier.

Space Theme

When thinking about painting ideas for children’s bedrooms, the little boys usually like the space theme. This means that you have to paint the walls and the ceiling to a darker blue and to make the design more interesting, paint some stars and planets as well or you might paint the entire solar system.


In case you have some talent when it comes to the painting tips for children’s bedrooms, you could paint some flowers on the walls as well. For a more elegant look, think about adding larger motifs such as tree branches or abstract designs.


How about you forget all about the painting ideas for children’s bedrooms and you allow the child to decorate the room? The simplest thing to do is to add a large chalkboard to the wall and leave some chalk out. You can be sure that shortly the entire wall will be decorated.

Color Blocking

If you like the really colorful children’s bedroom painting tips, think about color blocking. This means that you should have several different colors on the same wall, but they should be delimited by white lines. Make sure that the rest of the room has the same colorful feel too.

There are so many painting ideas for children’s bedrooms that it may seem to be difficult to choose. Before making your mind up take into consideration the size of the room as well.


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