4 Smart tips to choose Interior Wall Color

Once you have made up your mind about the decision of painting the space, you can start contemplating on the color you want to paint the walls. Keep in mind that the color should be in sync with the mood of the room.

If you want a peppy and cheerful vibe, go for bright colors, while darker, deeper colors give a rich, sophisticated vibe. Next, decide whether you want to do the painting yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Doing it yourself with maybe a little help with a family member or a friend can be a fun task. If you hire professionals to paint, it will cost you extra but the result would be perfect.

tips to choose interior wall color

To choose the best color for your needs, it is necessary to be familiar with its three dimensions, which are:

  • Hue: name of the color. (Blue, Green)
  • Saturation: how dominant the hue is. (The color becomes less dominant as we go from darker to lighter)
  • Value: lightness or darkness of the color. (Light-blue, dark-green)
  • Intensity: brightness or dullness of the color. (Ocean blue, faded green)

There are a number of things to be kept in mind while choosing the color of interior wall and these are:

1. Mood

Warm colors brighten up a room and make it cozy as well. Bright colors are great for kid’s rooms. However too many bright colors should be avoided. If you are looking for a more active area, use stronger, bolder colors.

2. Lightening

If the room has ample natural light, consider using cool colors. These offer a great relief in rooms that get too much sun. Shades of blue and green are generally best for such spaces. However, if the space has a minimum or no source of natural light, opt for lighter colors. These will make the room look brighter and less dingy.

3. Space

Light colors always give a feeling of expanse. If the room is small, use light colors such as white, beige, yellow and cream colors as these reflect light and the room appears to be spacious. Whereas dark, deep colors should be used in big rooms or halls.

4. Proportion

Even a beautiful room would not look good unless it is proportionate. A narrow and long room can be made to look proportionate by using dark paint on the longer walls. Using the right color can change the look of any space.

Wrong colors in the interior can spoil the entire décor and even the moods of the inmates so make sure to gulp down these tips and tricks before you are selecting the shades of your home.

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