All the Reasons to Choose a Wood for Kitchen

A lot of people think that wood offers a traditional look to the kitchen, but the truth is that if the furniture has a minimalist look, you can easily achieve a modern vibe. In order to have the perfect result you have to make sure that you use wood the right way and that you make the best of it.

The grain


One of the most important features of wood is its grain. You don’t have to think that you will use too much wood in the kitchen; in this case there isn’t such a thing as too much. You can have the kitchen island, table and even the window frames made of wood. It may be a good idea to have the walls painted white to achieve a cheerful effect.

Natural feel


If you would like to feel closer to nature you could have everything made of wood in the kitchen. The only downside of the design is that you might end up having a space that looks too dark. This is why this is a good idea only in case you have larger windows in the kitchen.

Cheer and warmth

Cheer and warmth

In order to achieve these effects, there are some combinations that you might use. Think about red oak floors, golden brown granite and cherry cabinets. Also there is need for a lot of light, even if it is only artificial. Make sure that the kitchen doesn’t feel too dark.

Deep doesn’t equal dark


It is a well known fact that wood has different colors in it, but there are some ways to make it look brighter. For instance you may have the walls painted in a muted red and have the beams painted bright blue. This way you will be able to bring out the rosy glow of the wood.



Fashion always changes, so you may be on a lookout for a style that is timeless. Consider wood with an amber tone and have cabinets with a simple design. It is easy to achieve a timeless design if you use simple styles and you try not to have too many different patterns in the kitchen.

A smooth transition

A smooth transition

To have some cohesion in the kitchen you could have the walls painted in a muted mustard tone. This will unify the entire look. However remember that the color that you should use depends on the color of the wood that you are working with. photos: (


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