Different Aspects of Boudoir Designing Ideas

A boudoir is an elegant space designed for a lady, which is a bedroom or a parlor aesthetically designed with antique furniture and plush fabrics to reflect her splendid, feminine personality. With a plethora of designing ideas to choose from, it is not hard to create a boudoir themed bedroom, designed in a slightly French or Gothic style, yet done with a stylish and classy sophistication.  If you wish to create an idealistic retreat for relaxation and wants to embrace your femininity in each bit of it, then a boudoir themed bedroom is a brilliant option for you.

boudoir designing ideasGiven below are some ideas for designing your Boudoir with style and grace:


You can indulge your love for the feminine boudoir by selecting antique French or Victorian style furniture. It is ideal to choose a traditional style embellished dressing table and vanity table, paired with exquisite Baroque chairs to create the traditional Victorian style look. Choose delicate looking furniture, preferably in Ebony or Mahagony and with abundant upholstery in leather, velvet or suede material. Fringes and nail-head trims help to bring in a feel of romance to the classic luxury.


In order to have a look of sophistication in your boudoir bedroom, you can cover your windows with plush fabrics like velvet, cashmere and silk. Remember to keep the curtain panels to hang from ceiling to floor, irrespective of the window size. It is ideal to use tiebacks with trimmings and fringes to draw panels backside during the day, to let natural light enter the room and also to use sheer or lace inner panes in order to disperse the light for an intimate atmosphere.


Colors like burgundy, deep reds, fuchsia and purple add an opulent feel to your boudoir walls and you can fix textured damask wallpaper to add the sensuous feel. A fabric adorned-wall behind the bed offers a magnificent setting, and you can opt for an artificial texture paint finish like a color wash with multiple layers of colors to add dimension. Similarly, you can go for striking wallpapers in shiny hues or striped ones in contrast colors to increase the vibrant feel of the room.


Embellished accessories are significant in a boudoir bedroom as it adds more character to the room. Crystal drop chandeliers, gilded bordered mirrors, beaded shades and intricate candle holders are sure to fabricate a posh appearance. In order to add the oomph of old-world charm, you can opt for beds draped in satin and silk, stunning table lamps with sheer fabric shades and clumped fabric headboards.

An eclectic blend of faux fur leopard or zebra rugs, shag pile carpet, vibrant neon tube lights and accent pillows can add that hint of sex appeal to your boudoir bedroom. Charming accessories like vintage phones, stylish perfume bottles and elegant wall hangings accompanied by contemporary décor can add that somewhat eclectic feel. Decorative wall candleholders with scented candles can add a romantic feel, as does the beautiful vase filled with embellished peacock or ostrich feathers.

While creating and designing your own boudoir themed bedroom, you can step back in time and get drenched in the sumptuous beauty of old-world charm mixed with French or Bohemian or Victorian elegance, wrapped in sensual fabrics, excellent embellishments and antique furnishings.


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