Ideas for Painted Stair Runners

The traditional stair runners are a great way to make sure that the stairs will be quiet, but they seem somewhat formal and outdated. This is why a lot of homeowners are looking for a more modern alternative, such as painted stair runners.

Ideas for Painted Stair Runners

Keep it Simple

The good thing about the painted stair runners is that they are practical and cheap. As an idea you could paint the stairs white and add a slate-blue runner with matching borders. For the best results you should apply wood filer first, sand the surface, and apply the primer if the stairs were never painted before.

Emerald Touch

If you would like to take the idea one step further, you may add an emerald runner to the stairs. You should have a white edge of about 4 inches at every step to maintain a neat look. If the stairs are wider than normal, you should make the edge even wider.

Brown Runner

You might think about completing the look of the walls. For instance, if you have pale blue walls, you may consider having a dark brown runner. For some added interest, the runner should also have a grey-green border. This will aid the transition between the white border and the dark brown runner.

Rainbow Stripes

You don’t have to be too conservative when it comes to the runner. As an idea, you could have stripes in every color of the rainbow. In this case it is important to make sure that the edges are clean, so you should use painter’s tape. In order to seal the tape, you should apply some of the base color to the edges and allow it to dry.


Homeowners can use the painted runners as a way of self-expression. You might stick to the simple design and add words to each step. Some people are afraid of slipping on the painted steps. The good news is that there are non-slip additives that you can add to the paint to achieve better traction.


If you would like to give your home a modern touch, you can add letters or symbols of the steps, such as Xs and Os (from hugs and kisses). In case you grew up in the era of technology, for sure there are some smiley faces or emoticons that you would like to see on the steps which will make you smile each time you climb them.


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