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must have items for your foyer

7 Must Have Items for your Foyer

“First impression is the last impression” is a statement which holds true not just with people but also with houses. Your guests get the very first impression of the house as they enter it and by looking at the way the foyer is decorated. A home entryway or foyer is a place of great importance […]

teak outdoor furniture

5 Things to Consider While Buying Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak is considered to be one of the best choices for outdoor furniture. It is a tropical hardwood that grows at a stretch in the region of Southeast Asia. One of the most popular choices for furniture making, this wood is loved for its natural beauty and elegant look. Moreover, maintenance of teak is also […]

outdoor designing tips for the summer

Outdoor Designing Tips for the Summer

Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon or a cool evening after a whole day of work can be made much more interesting and exhilarating if it is in the outdoors. What better place can it be than a tastefully decorated porch or patio of your home? Your outdoor patio or a porch or the poolside can […]

Rustic Outdoor Furniture Plans

Rustic Outdoor Furniture Plans

There are a million things that you could be thinking about regarding the rustic outdoor furniture plans. The kind of furniture that you should get depends on the effects that you wish to achieve and the plans that you have for your outdoor space. Keep the Plans In case you don’t want to have anything fancy, […]

How to Choose Modern Wood Garden Furniture

How to Choose Modern Wood Garden Furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture, you should be thinking about modern wood garden furniture. The look that you will achieve will be natural, warm and inviting that is just perfect for entertaining guests. Although you want something modern, you could still give the traditional pieces a shot because they look just great if they have […]

rooftop patio

Tips to Keep in Mind When Building a Rooftop Patio

If you live in a densely populated urban area, you probably are well aware of the mantra “the only place to go is up.” After all, with heavily built-out environments, high costs per square foot, and large, growing populations, city developers often find it most profitable to build up, rather than out. It is these […]


Outdoor Garden Furniture for Modern Homes

A relaxing time with family is what most of us crave usually after a long and stressful work. And when talking about complete relaxation, nothing comes as close to the personal outdoor space in providing us the privacy, satisfaction and comfort that we all long for. In the process of maximizing the relaxation and comfort […]

Dune Rainer Mutsch

Outdoor Furniture for a Relaxing Time Out

Furniture that is comfortable is a must if you wish to enjoy pleasant and lovely outdoors. Whether it is pool lounges, patio furniture, lawn chairs, benches, garden tables, chaise lounges or swings, outdoor furniture plays an important role in making your evening seating comfortable and satisfying. Suitable outdoor furniture can not only help you in […]

Casa Madrid

Setting Up Your Home with Casual Furniture for Perfect Seating

Some good and casual furniture is all what you need if you have more space around your home and want to use it for entertaining your family and friends as it can be used as a wonderful place that is perfect for your seating your guests good atmosphere. There are many casual and luxury seating […]

Garden Table

Furniture Plans for Your Garden

Having a lovely garden is wonderful and adding some beautiful furniture to your garden will not only make it look more fantastic but it can also add flair to it. Buying some antique or modern furniture that suits your garden turns out to be a fantastic investment as there are many benefits to purchasing it. […]