Give a New Look to Your Home With Eco -Friendly Wallpapers

Going green is the latest fashion statement and everybody seems to be in trend.  People these days are doing their best to conserve the environment in multiple ways-while some observe the earth hour; others are buying hybrid cars and so on. In this scenario of saving the environment from depletion, one way to keep yourself […]

Let Your Wall Feel the Embrace of Genial Wallpaper Design

“Off the wall” can for sure be defined like the stuff capturing the whole message of a room inside the 3D wallpaper.

8 High-Fashion, Eco-Friendly Furniture for Your Living Room

– Elegance, funk, or simplicity – Choose your green seating! In years past, it was more difficult to find eco-friendly furniture, especially those with upholstery. But today, there are so many stylish, sustainable couches and chairs available you’ll have a hard time narrowing down your list of favorites. 1. Viesso Green Couch Materials Options Cozy […]

30 Innovative Home Office Designs for a Cozy Business Making

Practical ideas for a place to work at home.

10 Home Decorating Tips for Using Thrift Store Finds

– How to spot amazing finds and create the perfect décor on a budget Even Martha Stewart shops secondhand and sometimes finds the most amazing items for interior decorating, so why not you? But before you head out to do your shopping, take these home decorating tips for using thrift store products with you to […]

15 Outdoor Shower Designs for a Refreshing Summer Shower

15 coolest shower designs that make showering an exclusive experience.

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