Add Personal Chic To Your Vanity Cupboards!

Besides the obvious function, bathrooms have become virtual spas for relaxing therapies and refreshing massages.

More so than ever, the emphasis is on sophisticated, elegant décor to create a tranquil, gracious haven, which is why the selection and positioning of vanity cupboards is crucial.

Part of creating a perfect bathroom environment is getting the bathroom vanity element right, with equal doses of subtlety and style.

A principle element of bathroom furniture, vanity cupboards can change the way you perceive the bathroom and the way you store essential goods.

What to know before adding vanity cupboards?

Because they come in different models and can be adapted to suit the theme of your bathroom and home, bathroom vanities offer plenty of scope for improvisation and adding a personal, graceful touch.

Position: Wherever you add the vanity cupboards, try to ensure they do not occupy too much space and cause congestion; under the basin is often a good bet because it occupies space that would normally not be utilized. Make sure that you still have plenty of space to move around.

Size and material: Ensure that vanity cupboards are big enough to accommodate all your toiletries and bath accessories. Try to choose a high-quality durable material which is moisture-resistant. When selecting bathroom furniture, make material standards top priority. If low-quality material is used, you increase the chances of allowing the furniture to absorb moisture.

Safety precautions: First and foremost, choose material which does not hinder opening and closing and cause you to dump everything on the floor and ignore the cupboards entirely.  Always ensure that the pins and nails used in the construction of a vanity cupboard don’t penetrate outside of it.

Skirting: Add a soft fabric skirting to small tables which picks up on the fabric used for window or shower curtains for special effect. This will not only transform the table into an attractive vanity unit to store toiletries and baskets of cosmetics, but will provide continuity. Make sure the fabric is pre-shrunk and washable and can be easily detached.

Installation: When installing a new vanity, make sure there is no plumbing in the way. Make sure all the faucets are in place before you decide on where you are going to put the vanity to save redoing plumbing.

Always ensure you have measured the area where you want to install the unit before purchasing it. Draw a pencil line to demarcate the area if necessary.


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