19 Amazing Furniture Designs To Make The Most Out Of Tiny Apartment Space

— Push Back The Walls Of Your Small Living Space with These Effective Space Saving Furniture.

Many people have to live in small spaces, especially in the big cities like New York. But living in a small space does not necessarily mean that you cannot make use of great designer furniture that will save huge amounts of that precious space, making a far more usable and viable living area out of a small apartment.

1. Modular Kitchen:

space saving furniture

The modular kitchen by Fevzi Karaman is perfect for anyone who has ever tried to live in a loft efficiency unit. The bright tasty apple green cube is so sleek that you may at first think it is an IMac product, until you slide out the table top to reveal a kitchen sink, small stove top, dish rack, and trash can.

For those who need space in a one room loft, the modular kitchen is the perfect condenser. It will even make living in mum and pop’s basement a snap as you become self-sufficient in seconds.

2. Fix It on the wall furniture:

space saving furniture

Want to add your own personal touch to a cramped apartment? Try Fix It on the Wall. When hung, the items can be placed into molds to create a contemporary piece of art that can beautifully adorn your wall with your own stylish touch.

You can even choose the color, print, and texture of the tiny removable plug in pieces. Once guests arrive you can amaze them when you take the wall fixture down and remove the pieces to form a coffee table complete with four cushions tea style. [Decorating Walls]

3. Matroshka Living Concept:

small space furniture

The thought of fitting your belongings into a tight city loft may daunt you, but if the designers of the Matroshka Living Concept are successful you will have no need to fear a move that involves a downgrade in space.

The Concept room is able to practically give you a minimalistic but sleek apartment in just over 43 square foot. While you may be thinking this is not much space, when available room is utilized according to the concept plan you can fit in seats for 12, office workspace, double bed, dining table, sofa, and a wardrobe all in one area. With sleek color accents it almost looks more sophisticated than a small living space solution.

4. Fusion pool & dining table:

small space furniture


Many people cannot justify spending a large amount of money on a billiard table that they only use for gaming. The pool manufacturers used to address this problem, by making pool tables convertible into ping pong tables as well, but with the economy diving, even the ping pong table cannot justify the expense.

Enter the fusion pool and space saving dining table: a table that you can eat off of while you are not playing. As an added benefit, when transformed into a dining room table you can hardly even tell that the Aramith pool table hides a full sized billiard table underneath.

5. Roel Verhagen-Kaptein Three in One:

space saving furniture

Not sure how many people are going to show up at your house for the pre-party tonight?  Or do you like the idea of a love seat for your loft, but need a sofa for when it is you plus one?

Sounds like you may need the new Roel Verhagen-Kaptein Three in One. This comfortable space saving furniture piece can be modeled into a chair, lounger, or a love seat, and the best part, instead of being a hard metal or plastic you get all the comforts of sinking into your furniture!

6. Foldable Swiss Furniture:

furniture for small spaces

For those who relocate frequently hiring a moving service or dissembling furniture can get old quick.

However, with the Foldable Swiss Furniture moving becomes ten times easier as bookcases can be literally pushed into a foldable package of only 24cm that weighs 31kg. [Creative Book Shelves]

When fully extended again the distance between shelves can be individually arranged to measure anywhere from 33cm to 28cm.

7. Bedup:

space saving beds

For those in a one bedroom loft lack of privacy is always an issue as no one wants their bed to be the first object of notice when guests walk into the room.

Behold: The Bedup, much like it’s counterpart from the eighties that folded into the wall, retracts back into the ceiling and its bottom can even be made into a lighting installation making your room brighter and classier in one easy go [Bedroom Lighting Techniques].

This way you can have a double bed and space without worrying about an Inspector Clouseau moment when you become trapped between the wall and bed.

8. Studio Dror folding chairs:

small space furniture

Usually when you buy folding chairs to use in your home the only choice you have while not using them is to stack them in the corner or hide them in the closet.

The simple fact of life is that folding chairs are obtrusive non-flexible items that usually take up space more than they ever help create seating solutions.

Or, at least this was true before the stylish flexible wooden Studio Dror folding chairs. These elegant Chinese wooden delights, used as space saving furniture, can be unfolded instead of folded, perhaps denoting a new name choice, and hung on the wall for simple tasteful decoration that looks as if it was there as part of an home interior design accent instead of a chair!

9. Kenchikukagu:

furniture for small spaces

Most people have heard of minimalistic design, but the Kenchikukagu apartment set takes it to an entirely new level. For about $7500 a piece you can purchase three cabinets that each fold out into a bedroom set, office space, and kitchen area.

Thus, you can choose to unfold each cabinet as you need it and fold them all up when you want to maximize the amount of space in your home. Even better, the cabinets have wheels so you could essentially put your kitchen away in the coat closet if you want to clear space for guests!

10. One Shot Stool:

small space furniture

Need a folding chair that you can really tuck away when you are not using it? Sounds like you may need the Belgian creation the one shot stool.

Unlike its hard unyielding counterpart that takes up space and advertises its bulky presence while not in use, the one shot stool neatly spirals up into a small parcel that is perpendicular and can be placed in an umbrella rack for safe keeping until you need it again.

As well as a great piece of space saving furniture, the one shot stool may easily become your favorite new toy or trick to pull out at parties.

11. Obelisk Chairs:

furniture for small spaces

One of the reasons that most people avoid purchasing folding chairs when they are short on space is because they hate the visual look of folding chairs.

Not to mention that while being space conscious, the metal items are also pretty uncomfortable for any extended period of time where you have to remain seated. This is why designer Janus et Cie came up with the Obelisk chairs.

Visually appealing and comfortable, when not in use the chairs and table can be stacked into a missile like shape and stored in the corner. It may look odd, but it certainly looks like a purposeful abstract oddity which is of course half the charm.

12. Foldout couch:

space saving beds

There are mattresses that fold out of couches to provide you with a place to rest your head if you are short on space in your loft, and then there are literally beds that fold out of couches such as the Flou fold out which is impressive from the first site. As you can see, furniture for a small space really can look good and perfectly suit your needs.

This elegant bed gives the appearance of a modern bed as the mattress is extended from a pile that makes up the sofa seat to look so much like a bed your house guests will never notice that you have a fold out bed!

13. Creative wedge:

space saving furniture

Technically when you go on break your time is yours to spend how you like, so why not buy a piece of office furniture that also allows you to use it as you like.

The Creative Wedge is made up of sturdy yet supportive and comfortable foam pieces that can be rearranged around the color coded wedge to allow you to change positions from sitting to lying, to lying with your feet down or up, to lounging with your head down or whatever else you can think of.

Wonder if the designers at Brightside Design had to count their testing time as a break time?

14. Electric chair:

small space furniture

No, this clever design is not straight out of a jail cell, but rather is a design in which a comfortable plush chair can be rotated onto its back much like a porch swing to reveal a stove and kitchen counter.

Perfect for lofts that lack kitchen accommodations and for those who want to be truly comfortable in the kitchen! Careful though, because what you drop into the corners of the cushion may impair cleanliness of your kitchen!

15. Casulo:

space saving furniture

Similar to the idea of the Modular Kitchen, the Casulo is a large bright yellow square that unfolds to reveal all the elements you could need to create an entire bedroom. The box measures in at the small dimensions of 80cm x 120cm that fits a desk, three stools, a bed, six shelf bookcase, and an armoire.

By the way, the mattress for the bed also fits inside. It is estimated by designers Marcel Kings & Sebastian Muhlhauser that the bedroom in a box set can be built and disassembled in ten minutes with no tools required.

With the Casulo and the Kitchen Modular in compact form in the corner you could easily transform your apartment into a nightclub complete with a bar and dance floor if you like!

16. Computer Desk Bed:

space saving beds

If you like the feeling that you leave the office when you leave work, the computer desk bed may not be for you.

However, for those who are trying to maximize their space or for college students who only have dorm room space to work with the computer desk bed could be ideal.

In desk form, the stylish wood desk sits firmly against a wall, but at nighttime the desk folds down to allow a hidden twin sized bed to pop out.

However, a word of caution, this desk may be only for lighthearted people, seriously, as the metal joints may not be enough to support heavier people.

17. The Biombo Chair:

small space furniture

Need some temporary chairs in your apartment that will not take up space when your guests are not around? Try the Biombo Chair by Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger.

The chair seat is built over hinges so that when you pick it up and unlatch it the seat folds down and forms the perfect folding screen also known as a Biombo.

You can even etch your own personalized design into it, if you want people to believe the Biombo screen was really intended to be a chair and not just something you use to block the windows due to the lack of curtains.

18. Transformable Table & Chair:

space saving furniture

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of furniture, the transformable table and chair set is actually two metal chairs that can be bent into a shape with a table like surface and interlocked to give you a surprisingly wide table space to work off.

Thus, you can use the chairs for extra guests or as a buffet table if you need more room for your serving options! The choice of course is always up to you, and an extra perk, the chairs can be stacked on each other while not in use to minimize the space they occupy when you do not need a table or chairs.

19. Lunablocks Lego Furniture:

furniture for small spaces

Apparently if you have the money your childhood dreams can come true as you can literally build your furniture out of LunaBlocks which bare a strong resemblance to Legos.

With a plan of glass or a nice pillow you can easily create furniture that is straight out of Legoland, and the best part is if you need the space you can just stack the furniture in the corner, literally.


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