Transform Your Bathroom Into More Elegant And Refreshing With Bathroom Furniture!

faucetBathrooms can no longer be a place with a toilet, a bath tub, a sink, and a mirror.

With the myriad of bathroom furniture, it can be transformed into an elegant revitalizing asylum.

Faucets in the bathroom are as important as the toilet. The selection of faucets is limited to a few designs before, but is not the case now.

You can enhance the look and style of your bathroom by selecting a bathroom faucet from a wide range of designs that matches your bathroom. A right faucet can add beauty and glory to the bathroom.

Choosing the right faucet can be a little confusion. The trick is to select the faucet based on your need, preference, bathroom design, budget, and faucet style and finish.

Faucet are categorized into following styles:

Widespread: It is designed with a spout connecting two separate handles for hot water and cold water. All three pieces are aligned at farther distance that they appear to be the separate units. It is a faucet designed for a three-hole installation basin. It is well suited for a spacious sink.

Centerset: It is a version of the widespread faucet with a slight difference. It is also designed with a spout and two separate handles (hot water and cold water) on either sides of it. The handles are combined with the spout and appear to be a single unit. It is best suited for four-inch three-hole installation basin.

Minispread: It is a combination of both widespread and centerset. The design of minispread is similar to the above two models, but the handles are aligned farther than centerset model, but nearer than the widespread.

Basin faucet: It is designed with both hot and cold water handles, attached to separate spouts. They are placed on distinct areas of the sink. The water from the two handles (hot and cold) come from separate areas, and combines in the sink.

Single hole: It is a single-handed control with a spout connected to the sole handle. This faucet is best suited for one-hole drill installation basin.

Wall Mounted:As its name suggests, these faucets needs a wall mount control device and drain for set-up. These faucets are designed for freestanding basins, as it has a spout with an extended reach. While installing, ensure that the spout is lengthy enough for basin clearance.

In addition to the faucet style, you have myriad choices of finishes to choose from.

Stainless Steel:It is most popular bathroom faucet finish. It is inexpensive, easy to install, durable and enduring. It clearly displays fingerprints and scratches, but easily cleanable and maintainable.

Chrome: It is a common faucet. Its sheen is more when compared to steel faucets. It is a faucet made of chrome finish over electroplating brass. It is cost-effective, scratch-free, easy to clean and maintain.

Brass: Brass bathroom faucet can add a beautiful look to the bathroom. It is not as common as the stainless steel or chrome. The faucet made from brass is often a little bit expensive than other faucet finishes. It has been under usage from a longer period of time. The brass faucet design comes in limited choices.

Brushed Nickel:It is a stylish and new faucet made of solid brass with electroplating finish. It is popular, economical, scratch-free and easily maintainable. It displays no fingerprints or water spots.


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