What is a Wet Room?

We all probably have a vision of how we want our bathrooms to look like. Not surprising as an increasing numbers of people are looking for the perfect bathroom. A popular option is a wet room. The best way to describe a wet room is as a modified shower room. The water in a wet room is allowed to spill over onto the floor in comparison to traditional shower where the shower tray keeps everything in. Wet rooms can be designed around your needs and should be designed to be fully waterproof to prevent leaks from happening.

They can be incredibly beneficial if you have a small bathroom as they save space and create a more open-plan area. It’s an easier way to make your bathroom appear bigger and add value to your home. The reason being is you don’t need to have a shower cubicle or even a bath.

Wet rooms are stylish and practical especially for people with mobility issues as it eliminates the need to step up into a shower cubicle. Premier Bathrooms specialise in walk-in showers, walk-in baths and wet rooms for people with disabilities.

They offer wet rooms that have easy access and make use of your bathroom space. Stimulate we room combines ease of access and safety. Safety flooring is important when planning to have a wet room; Premier Bathrooms include slip-resistant floor tilling where you can choose from a wide range of colours that will suit your bathroom vision.

wetroomSourced – Premier Bathrooms

There are many advantages of having a wet room; you can explore all the advantages on 5 advantages of a wet room.


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