15 Outdoor Shower Designs for a Refreshing Summer Shower

— Just a look at them will cool your eyes!

Showering is perhaps one of the most basic activities anybody does daily. With the summer here and all the heat in the air, it feels natural to want to shower outside. Also, you can install vanity sinks outside for convenience.

Come, have a look at the coolest shower designs that make showering an exclusive experience.

1. Shower Wave

Designerzeit has a unique new outdoor shower. Designed for use by a pool, the Wave brings a touch of the contemporary outdoor art world right to your poolside.

Now the kids can wash off the sweat and dirt from playing in the yard before getting it in your pool. With Shower Wave, you can turn your ordinary pool into an extraordinary one.


2. Cascade Shower

The Cascade outdoor shower is versatile, functional and aesthetically pleasing. It features a base made from acacia wood that makes it comfortable to stand on.

There is a tube connected to the base that carries water to another, horizontal tube which then drops the water down onto you in a waterfall like style.

If you tap on the vertical tube, it will regulate the pressure of the water coming from the horizontal tube.

This is a wonderful shower for a garden, a terrace, deck, or even out by the pool or Jacuzzi. It is easy to both assemble and use. To connect water to it, simply attach an everyday garden hose to the base.


3. Myyour Dyno

Myyour has seen the new outdoor showers. Some of them are too pretty to use, some look like modern art, all of them are seemingly out of place beside your everyday run of the mill pool.

Taking all of that into account, MyYour has come up with a funky fun looking outdoor shower that is versatile enough to be used both in your backyard as well as by the seaside or at a hotel, condo or even campground.

The Dyno is made from polyethylene and comes in a plethora of colors. The shower head has silicon nozzles and the handles are chromed.


4. Natural Wicker

Are you in the market for a high end outdoor shower that has more of a natural look?  If you are, then look no further than the Wicker shower and towel rack by Horchow.

They are both lightweight and portable because they are made from aluminum and resin wicker.

The shower is functional once attached to a garden hose. It dispenses a natural type spray of water as opposed to the pressurized spray you get in an indoor shower.

It also has a soap rack integrated into the design. The towel rack is made to resemble a tree and the towels are to be hung on the ‘limbs’.


5. Garden Shower Ocean

Well, doesn’t this look like an interesting shower design?  It looks kind of a sickle. The small part has a control panel on it that activates and controls the shower in the tall part. Garden Shower Ocean is made from steel and is another addition to the Designerzeit family of outdoor showers.

They are known for the style and grace of their outdoor showers and this one does not disappoint. Place it poolside for a contemporary look or enjoy one at a hotel or condo. This design might also appeal to children who like to play in the water in the summertime.


6. Odalo Teak Solar Outdoor Shower

So you are looking for an outdoor shower, but you want to retain the ability to have temperature regulations in your water flow.

This is apparently a concern shared by many and the designers from Les Jardins au bout monde have heard the consumers’ plea and responded by creating the Odalo Teak Solar Outdoor Shower. Made from teak, it has a simple, sleek curved look and a camel back reservoir attached to the back of it.

Water is stored in here and heated by the sun. Mix in a little cold water from the garden hose that feeds water to it anyway and you have the perfect temperature in an outdoor shower. Perfect for the beach, pools, gardens, terraces and condos.


7. Bridge in Steel

This innovative shower is good for use at any location. The Bridge is made of galvanized steel tubing and has three distinct shower heads to completely drench the body in a soft spray.

The water is heated by a hot water regulator that can be installed either at the base of the shower or upstream near the source of the water flow.

Water is supplied to the Bridge by way of either a garden hose or a fixed installation somewhere near the placement of the shower.

This shower is available in a variety of colors to suit the needs of the landscape or your particular taste.


8. Solar Outdoor Shower

This is a really neat little shower!  The Solar Outdoor Shower is a portable outdoor shower. It connects to an ordinary garden hose and stores up to 6 gallons of water in its base.

It comes complete with wheels for easy portability, a tray to hold your personal shower products and a hand held shower head. There is also a slide bar to adjust the height.


9. Stilla Outdoor Shower

The Stilla Outdoor Shower by Ceadesign is a very unique piece and could actually double as a piece to be added to an art collection. Place it in the sun and you can imagine it as being raising its arm to welcome the attentions of the sun.

Very contemporary, it was designed by Girogio Parisse and is a glorious combination of style and functionality.

Its use as an outdoor shower is facilitated by the hydro-progressive mixer that regulates the temperature of the water. Two people can utilize this at once with the double shower heads.


10. Viteo Shower

The Viteo shower is an interesting one. It can be used to get salt and sand off you at the beach, to rinse off before or after swimming in the pool, or even just to cool off on those scorching hot days.

After connecting the device to a water hose, simply step on it. The weight of your body will activate it and you will immediately feel the refreshing coolness of water as it jets up, meeting over your head and gently falling back down on you like a cool, refreshing rainstorm.


11. Elegant Outdoor Showers

This is a simple yet elegant outdoor shower. Wait, when did outdoor showers become elegant?  Apparently they are now.

This shower is all black and has classic straight lines and a clean and sleek look. This shower is suitable for condos, hotels, poolside and gardens.


12. Minimal Shower

Newform has made an innovative new outdoor shower called Minimal. This looks more like a piece of modern art than a shower.

It has elegance and style that normally wouldn’t equate with a shower of any type. It consists of two pieces of cross mounted steel that are mounted on the floor.

It can be operated by way of a floor control or a mixer that is concealed – minimalistic. It is also available in a solo model. This would look fabulous in a garden, or in a contemporary setting.


13. Waterfall Outdoor Shower

Jane Hamley Wells has created an outdoor shower that is both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Made from highly polished teak wood and cold, hard metal, this would be the perfect addition to your outdoor spa.

When you turn the shower on, the water flows from the top of this 7 foot tall structure in a sheet to cool you off completely. Use it for that purpose or to wash the sand away from your body at your beach house.

You could even use it to rinse off either before or after swimming in your pool, lake or any other water. This would make an interesting conversation piece for your garden as well.


14. Energy D270

Arkema Innovation and Technology has designed a new kind of shower to be used on beaches and at hotel pools that actually uses the power of the sun to heat the water. Not only is it based on green technology, but it also has a stylish design.

The Energy D 270 uses a system of microchips and tokens to control the showers. For example, a paying guest at a hotel or condo might have a certain number of showers included in the price of their stay, but other users would have to go in and buy tokens to partake of the shower facility.


15. Under Tree Outdoor Shower

At some point, if you get this shower for your backyard, someone will mistake it for a coat rack. It was actually designed this way by Conmoto for a reason.

The shower water actually comes out of one of the branches while the others are there for the purpose of hanging towels, washcloths and your clothes. This is a light weight, portable shower system.


It is made from two pieces of stainless steel that can be taken apart for ease of portability and simply connects to a garden hose to become operable. With the simplistic design, it can be functional in even the smallest of spaces.

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