Natural Gas Space Heater To Provide Utmost Heating Facility

natural gas space heaterDid you ever buy a room heater and found it unsatisfied? There are many room heaters in the market, which give you the false promises of providing you with utmost warmth.

But, this natural gas space heater is not one of them that give you false promises of providing you with utmost heat.

The blue-flamed natural gas heater is like central heating system for the room as it provides utmost heating even in chilled temperatures.

This natural gas space heater has a unique touchpad system that makes the operations easy.

The electronic touchpad has a set of buttons for setting the desired temperature.

Once you set the desired temperature, the Natural Gas Space heater starts working till you get the desired temperature.

It turns off automatically at specific times for withholding the desired temperature. It again turns on when the room is lacking of desired temperature.

Features of Natural Gas Space Heater:

  • Innovative design for the new generation needs.
  • Vent-free blue flame space heater.
  • Touch pad design and this controls the instruction of the concealed top panel.
  • You can manually control the space heater with the help of igniter and control knob.
  • Oxygen depletion sensor is present in this pace heater for extra safety.
  • Security lock avoids unnecessary tampering of the functions.

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