Tips and Suggestions for Eco-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling

If you are someone who is soon going to go for bathroom remodeling, then the one thing that you must definitely keep in mind is to use as many eco-friendly ideas and materials as possible.  Not only will this enable you to protect the environment in your own little way but will also help you save costs and will make you feel good about conservation of both water and the environment.

There are many ways to remodel or redecorate your bathroom using green materials and resources and the following are some of the tips and suggestions for the same.

Tips for eco-friendly bathroom remodeling

Wall Surfaces

One of the major parts of your bathroom is the surfaces of walls.  If you wish to remodel the walls using eco-friendly ways then what you can do is that you can choose paint over wallpaper since to create wallpaper, paper obtained from trees has to be used. Moreover, wallpaper can get moist and hence damaged when used in bathrooms and may need constant replacement, which again hurts the environment. Some other ecofriendly and durable choices for wall surfaces include natural stone and ceramic tiles.


When it comes to remodeling the floor using eco-friendly ideas, you can use materials like natural linoleum and recycled content ceramic tiles. Avoid using carpet in bathrooms. Natural linoleum is a sustainable and environment friendly option and does not harm the environment in any way.

Cabinets and Countertops

It is better to avoid using materials like particleboard and medium density fiberboard for cabinets. It is a better idea to use exterior grade plywood or solid wood since these materials are more sustainable and eco-friendly.  For countertops, the materials that you can go for include glass, bamboo and wood.

Water Conservation

One of the most important things to remember when going for eco-friendly bathroom remodeling is to make efforts to conserve as much water as possible. These days, many new and low flow toilets are available which can be used to avoid wasting unnecessary amount of water while flushing.

Also, you must opt for aerator equipped faucets that make for a wonderful option. These faucets do not throw out a huge volume of water and hence help to conserve its consumption. If each one of us starts using these options, then we can together save thousands of gallons of water every year.

Replacing Appliances

Thanks to latest technology and science, these days there are many electrical equipments and appliances which you can use to save electricity. In the bathroom too, you can replace your water heater with a tankless or solar power system so that you can cut down on the energy that you consume.

This will also reduce your utility bill every month.  Another money saver option that you can pick as an eco-friendly choice is using radiant floor heating.  This is a wonderful way to heat your bathroom as it does not waste energy and lowers the energy cost at the same time.


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