Space-Saving Bedroom Storage Options

Put a permanent end to untidy piles and scattered accessories around your bedroom by taking stock and buffing up your storage space.

Where and how you store things can only improve the bedroom environment.

Besides wardrobes and dressers for clothes and toiletries, make sure you allot space for paper storage; this takes the frustration out of hunting for necessary items in unkempt piles of clothes, shoes, blankets and linen.

Regardless of the size of your bedroom, there are plenty of ways you can compartmentalise and neaten up your room with a few basic bedroom storage plans:

Wardrobe: If you own plenty of long coats and dresses, choose a full-length wardrobe accordingly to ensure they don’t drag on the ground or lie in crumpled heaps. Go for the maximum height you can afford. For smaller and more intimate items, ensure the wardrobe has shallow shelves to accommodate neat packing and avoid unsightly creases.

Add an interior light to illuminate the contents and prevent clutter. Use illuminated hanging rods, door-activated overhead lights or a pull-cord ceiling fixture. If your bedroom is small and wardrobes threaten to overcrowd it, look at other space-saving measures:

Space-saving beds: Buy a bed which has compartments below to store bed sheets, pillow covers and items you don’t use on a regular basis.  Other options include loft beds with a ladder, or transforming the headboard into a collection of shelves and cubbies.

Efficient furniture: Economise on space by selecting bedroom furniture with plenty of cabinets. For example, if you want a table beside your bed, select one that has plenty of shelves to store necessary commodities. Keep a laundry basket or bag in each bedroom to simplify the flow of clothes to and from the washing machine.

Wheeled cabinets: If you don’t want to get rid of old beds and furniture, capitalise on the space underneath them. Invest in cabinets or storage boxes with wheels attached to them; this way you can store infrequently used goods neatly and push them out of the way.


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