6 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

A bathroom is often one of the most important parts of the house to many of us. It’s not just a place where we bath and get ready but is rather an area where we can be ourselves, shut the world out and relax. Yes, a bathroom can be considered as a place to rewind and relax and for this, you can even make it look like a spa room.  Imagine having a spa room in the house where you can be at peace and enjoy the quiet. Well the following are the 6 most effective ways and ideas to turn your bathroom into a spa:

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa


1. The first step to make your bathroom like a spa is to color the walls in dark and cozy color.  Darker tones have a certain calming effect on us and help us to relax, rewind and be at peace. Flashy and bright colors are not good when it comes to relaxation.

2. The next step for you to give your bathroom a spa like feel is by gathering a nice collection of candles, preferably aromatic ones. Arrange these candles around the tub area and near the sink.  If you do not wish to deal with the fire hazard, you can also get battery operated scented candles which look the same but are not real candles that can lead to a fire.

3. To give you bathroom a spa like environment, you can also bring in a soft and fluffy robe and nice soft slippers. You can hang the robe on the wall and place your slippers near the tub.  This not only changes the appearance of the bathroom but gives you a soft and comforting feel which resembles a spa in many ways. You must also have large sized towels arranged in a pile on a towel rack.

4. Place a radio or any other audio playing gadget in the bathroom so that you can play nice and soothing music on it while taking your spa treatment. Soft music can change the ambience of the bathroom in a big way.

5. Get in some plants in the bathroom to make it more cozy and close to nature.

6. The last step to turn your bathroom into a spa is to place spa salts on a rack in the bathroom. These spas will create a real-spa like feel in your bathroom and will also prove useful when you go for your own personal spa treatment.

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