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Games Room

How to Design a Games Room

The first thing that you need to decide is the space that you will devote to your games room. Most games rooms are designed by males for males, but if you are sharing your space with a wife or a girl friend then it will almost certainly be necessary to get her onside, so include […]

design ideas for Multipurpose Dining Rooms

5 Most Effective Designing Ideas and Tips for Multipurpose Dining Rooms

Whenever we think of a dining room, a formal, well laid down picture comes to mind. But contrary to popular belief, a dining room doesn’t really have to be formal and it is not even important to use it sparingly only for guests. A dining room can be used for multiple purposes and can be […]


The Devil is in the Detail

When you are redecorating your home it is easy to get swept up with the grand scheme of things, consulting multiple paint charts and checking out reams of sample papers. However, quite often the devil is in the detail and it is the small and seemingly insignificant parts of the room that can make or […]

custom wall decals

Custom wall decals: when pre-made options are not enough

Wall decals have been a popular product in the wall decor market for several years. Though there is no doubt that they are a great solution when decorating a home or office, it is clear that customers have become more demanding with what they are sticking in their spaces. Think beyond choosing a color or […]

Teenager’s Game Room 1

Convert Your Teenager’s Game Room Into A Magical Space!

Every person’s bedroom is his/her escape into a space of personal and private time and moments.  Every bedroom must reflect the personality of the person who lives in it and the same is true for the bedroom of your teenager as well.  The colors in a room, the kind of lighting as well as the […]

Zen Home – How to Create and Accessorize

Zen Home – How to Create and Accessorize

People prefer Zen home decorations, mainly because they bring peace and relaxation. Zen Bedroom The bedroom is the most important room of a house, the place where one should enjoy relaxation. Place a taupe candle on your nightstand and you will definitely create a beautiful Zen atmosphere. Its subtle scent has calming effects. Many people […]

Budget Ideas for Bedroom Makeover

Budget Ideas for Bedroom Makeover

Everybody dreams about the perfect bedroom, but for some people the budget is more limited. However, there are a few décor tricks that may highlight yourbedroom personality and help give this comfy space a true makeover. Recycle the Furniture Even if the furniture may look damaged, it may be just old and dusty, so it […]

Tips for a Fresh Looking Knockout Kitchen

Tips for a Fresh Looking Knockout Kitchen

The kitchen is an important part in every household and its appearance reflects best the owner’s personality and unique style. Backsplash Designs A kitchen’s centerpiece is usually the backsplash, so you should focus a little more in order to obtain the desired look. This year geometric backsplashes are a must-have. In order to achieve a […]

Think Seasonal

Transform Your Living Room with Accessories

Getting a new living room every year may turn out to be an expensive affair, not to mention the time and effort involved. By changing a few accessories you can get a new feel to the old living room. Here are 10 ways you can use accessories to reinvent your living room and transform it […]

Shower Setting Ideas

Shower Setting Ideas for Fall 2013

Once your bathroom is ready, you might think that there’s not much you can do to make it prettier. However, if you still have some money left, you may reconsider the shower setting. Although you may think that this is a small detail, don’t forget that it could make all the difference. Frameless Glass This […]