DIY Curtains to Decorate your Home on a Budget

In case you are going to decorate your home on a budget, don’t hesitate to find different DIY practices that will help you to do it. Start with the curtains.

curtain decoration

The curtains are an important accent of any décor, therefore replace the old curtains and add new curtains with different ornaments. The recent trends are all about vintage curtains that add some romantic atmosphere at home. The so called café curtains are great for this matter. They are great for creating a French provincial look to your home.

curtain decorChoose a bold fabric. Don’t hesitate to add mini café curtains in pink or red. Make sure the café curtains are matching your home accessory.

In case you are not fan of the café curtains, go for voile panel curtains. They are perfect for large windows and create contrast, for they are usually made out of sheer fabric.

The curtains that match any home are the reversible curtains. Go for elegant floral designs, for they are fashionable and classy.

In case you want to do them by yourself, here is what you will need: the main fabric, the backing fabric, the eyelets to fit your curtain, matching thread and a decorative self-fastening pin.

Measure well the curtains and sew them accordingly. In case you want some drop cloth drapes, here are the right steps to do them.

sheer curtainsThe drop cloths are very easy to do, for they are hemmed on 4 sides, therefore you don’t need to sew. Choose the right pair of drop clothes, which are usually inexpensive and affordable. Go for ornamental or floral drop clothes.

The next thing is to add some trim and to turn them into a pair of custom-looking drapes.

The very next thing to do is to wash well your panels. Don’t forget to dry them, in order to get the big creases.

Iron them, which isn’t easy to do, so ask someone to do it. Ironing the trim right is the big issue, so be careful, while doing it.

The hemming is easy. Get the Heat’n Bond Hem Tape, for this will attach the trim to the drop cloth curtains. Use the hem tape and do the hemming.

The next step is to hang your new drapes. Fold over the top edge of the curtain in a way that the trim faces the room. Grab the folded edge with ring clips and you are ready.


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