Newlyweds’ Guide to Home Décor

Decorating a home for newlyweds is perhaps one of the most romantic parts of home design. In case you are going to decorate an apartment for two, get some inspirational ideas from the recent trends.

Use your imagination and create a romantic flat. The first thing you should think of is the bedroom design. As any new couple, you will probably be spending more time in the bedroom than in any other room. Therefore, create a provocative and yet comfortable design. Mixing different styles is also recommendable.

light color bedroom

Don’t match your furniture to your walls. Start with the basic color. Remember that the best colors for newlyweds are the brightest colors. Forget the stereotypical colors and experiment. Try to create contrast, in order to get more interesting atmosphere.

For instance, light blue is perfect color for the bedroom, but the furniture should be contrastive and different. The vintage furniture is perfect for the bedroom, for it creates a romantic atmosphere. The curtains should be long, but not transparent. Go for white curtains and oriental rugs.

black leather sofa

As for the living room, make it comfortable. A large sofa is a must-have. Go for black leather sofa and combine it with cushion pillows.

The table should be small. An antique table is a perfect idea, especially if it is placed in the centre of the room. The fireplace is very important, so if you don’t have real one, get an artificial fireplace.

flower vaseThe colors of your living room should be neutral, but the furniture and the accessories must be in the bright color palette.

The best accessories for newlyweds aren’t the large paintings or the bronze sculptures. Go for photos on the wall and beautifully decorate with vases with fresh flowers.

The candles are an important part, so place them in front of the mirror, in order to create a romantic ambience.

Forget the bright lighting at home. The lighting should be reduced to a romantic one. The table lamps in the living room are a great idea for a newlywed’s home décor.

The bathroom also requires remodeling. It should be a spacious enough to be able to host two bathroom cabinets, for her and for him.

Lastly, don’t forget to cooperate with your better half. Creating things together is far more pleasant then decorating by yourself.


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