30 Trendy Wardrobe & Closet Designs For Your Dream Bedroom

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Contemporary wardrobes/closets are a great way to add a touch of elegance and grace to your bedroom furniture.

These are a perfect storage solutions for your living room, bedroom or hallway. These wardrobes not only look stylish and classy, but also complement your modern bedroom furniture.

These bedroom fitted bedroom wardrobes are made of high-quality metal, glass and wood and are available in several different rich and durable finishes.

Here are 30 trendy bedroom closet designs with high functionality & modern style.

wardrobe 4( Photo by Mdhouse )

wardrobe 21( Photo by Lomi )

wardrobe 6( Photo by Presottoitalia )

wardrobe 22( Photo by Bculik )

wardrobe 14( Photo by Presottoitalia )

wardrobe 15( Photo by Gomodern )

wardrobe 18( Photo by Gomodern )

wardrobe 16( Photo by Fimes )

wardrobe 7( Photo by Gomodern )

wardrobe 17( Photo by Fimes )

wardrobe 3( Photo by Misuraemme )

wardrobe 8( Photo by Fimes )

wardrobe 19

( Photo by Presottoitalia )

wardrobe 1( Photo by Fimes )

wardrobe 5( Photo by Fimes )

wardrobe 2( Photo by Spazziusa )

wardrobe 9( Photo by Presottoitalia )

wardrobe 10( Photo by Decodir )

wardrobe 11( Photo by Stemik-living )

wardrobe 12( Photo by Home-designing )

wardrobe 13( Photo by Lomi )

wardrobe 20( Photo by Fimes )

wardrobe 23( Photo by Lomi )

wardrobe 24( Photo by Spazziusa )

wardrobe 25( Photo by Fanuli )

wardrobe 26( Photo by Freshome )

wardrobe 27( Photo by Batinau )

wardrobe 28( Photo by Decodir )

wardrobe 29( Photo by Stemik-living )

wardrobe 30( Photo by Neatsmith )

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  1. jenifer says:

    if i’m not wrong then this thing cost a lot but i’m guaranteed that if any one afford this it will pay off him/her by its royal accent. fabulous.

  2. Tiles says:

    30 trendy bedroom closet designs with high functionality & modern style.

  3. Awesome interior designs…..

  4. aradhya says:

    Really if you have money get it done without any hesitation it is a fabulous wardrobes

  5. Suman says:

    Can anyone tell me what is the make of those furniture and what are the finish? can we make it by regular carpenters as per our design requirments?

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