Flea Market – Your Very Own Budget Decorating Source

Have you been putting off decorating or redecorating you home because of the expenses involved? It may come as a surprise that you really don’t need to spend bundles of money to acquire an aesthetically done home that spells elegance. All you need is a keen eye and plenty of creativity.

The answer to your dilemma is the flea market. Flea markets are full of discarded and old things that the owners don’t need, but these very same things can be easily spruced up and used at your home for a purpose entirely different from what they were originally used for.

A keen eye will help you pick out beautiful things at great bargains and your creativity can help you transform them into beautiful artifacts for a completely new purpose. In the bargain you give your home a new look and yes add a lot of chic too.

flea market dining tableThe above picture gives you a fair idea of what can be done. The owners have paired their modern steel and glass dining table with a set of old mismatched chairs. It brings in a certain amount of rustic air to their modern dining area, giving it warmth and a personal touch.

It might be surprising and very satisfying too, once you decide to apply your new approach to all the old stuff that you come across. You may even discover things in your own home. Stuff that was destined for the landfill may turn out to be the center of discussion next time you have people visiting.

Beautiful old bottles can be easily transformed into unique table lamps that hold all the attention.

flea market decoratingThe above example is another unique use of beautiful old junk that can be picked from a flea market. Old decorative handles from drawers have been used to keep keys, glasses and even important notes organized. Similarly you can end up using old chicken feed trays as something as drastically different as a spice rack.

Here is another idea that will get your creative juices flowing. Look for old iron fences with curled edges. When mounted upside down they can transform into an amazing coat rack that can be used to hang almost anything.

Remember not to overdo it though. Don’t fill the room with too many transformed things for it will kill the whole idea. Pick out one thing that you would like to be the focal point and transform it and arrange the room around it.

Choices like old dressers, armoires, bird cages, iron window frames, old trunks and even old metal ladders can be used very creatively to give the home a new look.


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