Carpet Trends 2011

The new trendy carpets are style statements in design. They are no longer a piece of furnishing to be trampled under the feet. They are to be looked at, admired and felt in awe of.

Ramp fashion walks right on to your floors with these modern designer carpets. Domotex, the leading floor covering exhibition brings these modern carpets for all to witness, enjoy and own.

Carpet Trends 2011

The high point of the exhibition is the Souk Deluxe presentation. It is inspired by the Souk des Tapis, Marrakech where carpets are laid side by side for sale. It creates a patchwork of myriad designs and styles that arrest the casual onlooker and buyer alike.

The carpets presented here are the perfect combination of traditional workmanship and modern style. The carpets are either hand tufted or hand knotted but the designs are modern making them true design elements in a home.

The carpets use different materials and styles to give you progressive designs and patterns. Top designers in the industry are involved in the designing of a unique eye ball catching carpets to impart a designer look to homes.

These carpets are inspired from the latest fashion trends of 2011: trendy and bold colors, flamboyant designs, floral designs and a typically modern look.

It is not just the designs but the use of contrasting materials that make these carpets so unique; shiny silk against rustic wool or, for that matter, the use of metal fibers with paper.

There are carpets with 3D look and there are carpets that have been contour cut to give special effects.

The retailers, interior designers and contractors are in love with the designs but their main concerns of durability and quality have been duly satisfied too. The carpets are made of natural, heavy duty materials and the impeccable workmanship is the hallmark of hand knotted carpets.

The traditional Persian rugs have been given a new stylish and modern look, maintaining their durability and timelessness.


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