Bold Colors You Should Dare to Use at Home

Colors can make or mar the décor of a house. The most expensive of decors may look uninspiring due to bad color choices and on the other hand the simplest of them can look breathtaking with the right colors.

Bold and contrasting colors have been the flavor of the season this year and they can be easily taken into our homes.

Bold Colors for HomeLike everything else, the use of colors comes with its own code and rules.

These rules do make choices easier but it is quite easy to flout these rules and yet achieve spectacular results. The above bedroom color is an excellent example of such flouting.

The color code says bright colors should not be used together as they jar the senses.

The bedroom here has been done in sunset colors. These bold and bright colors go together in nature so they should go well in our homes too.

The bold solids have been offset with grey carpet and white accents.
Colors can be used to draw boundaries between two spaces in the same room.

A simple project would be to use wallpaper with bold prints in a bold color, along with a sedate color to define a lounge and respectively an office space in the same room.

Bold Colors for HomeIt can be further demarcated with the help of flooring which has been laid in different directions for the two spaces.

Colors like green and blue or black and navy blue too can be used together to create a harmonious space.

When using blue and green pick their bright shades, and try to use a pattern panel to break the colors.

Similarly when trying out black and navy blue together, grey and white should also be used liberally to soften the bold colors.

Some of the bolder colors to choose from this season are coca cola, warm charcoal gray, burnt orange, loden green and eggplant, including the lovely shades from Ralph Lauren collection.


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