Breakfast Bar Stools – A Stylish Addition to Any Home

Breakfast bar stools are a stylish addition to any home, and have become ever more popular in recent years. This is thanks to the rising number of people who choose to have a bar in their kitchens simply for having breakfast in the morning, a trend that has gained momentum thanks to many kitchen designers who now see these as a must for any modern home.

kitchen bar stools

Breakfast bar stools are very similar to kitchen bar stools and are often used at the same kitchen worktop height of around 90cm, but they can also be used a little higher, at poseur heights. This is because many of these kitchen designers are now making use of contrasting elevated sections, separate from the surrounding worktops. These increase the height of the surface you need to access and so require a taller bar stool for comfortable seating.

These bar stools predominantly come with metal frames that employ a gas lift mechanism for variable height and offer 360 degree swivel, giving you easy access to the seat, but they can also be found with fixed frames, made both from metal and from wood. Metal frames come in a range of different finishes that cater to all tastes; the most commonly found finish on breakfast stools is chrome.

The metal frame is electroplated using a chromium alloy to give it a very durable, scratch resistant surface, as well as the distinct mirror finish. This means that chromed stools work well in any environment, as they simply blend in reflecting their surroundings.

Brushed steel is another popular finish, especially for a breakfast bar in a modern home. Many contemporary kitchen appliances, fixtures and fittings now come in a brushed finish and these stools are the perfect accompaniment, with the same sublime finish. Brushed steel stools give a new-age touch and are a great alternative to chrome.

Another of the darker finishes available is gunmetal, or black chrome as it is otherwise known. This is the same process as chrome plating, but a different mix of materials produces a much darker result thank chrome, providing a mirror finish but with a subdued look and feel.

Although the majority of breakfast bars only see action for a few hours a day at mealtimes, breakfast bar stools are designed to be comfortable even for extended periods. Many have high density foam padding underneath a faux leather or real leather exterior, but you can also find ABS resin and acrylic seats.

These are harder than padded seats, but are ergonomically designed and shaped so you sit into them, giving high levels of comfort.


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