Blinds To Choose From – Some Options

wooden slatted blindsAside from traditional curtains and drapes, you could try using other window coverings for practical purposes as well as to create a distinctive look.

Ideally the blind that you choose should be versatile enough to let in the light when you need it and complete privacy as well. It helps if your blinds are low maintenance too.

Blinds should also be the sort that offer good insulation for your windows and help lower energy costs. The visual aspect of blinds is very important too – it is a décor element that shouldn’t clash with the rest of your home, rather they should complement it.

Slatted Blinds: These need not be the unattractive kind you usually see in offices. A number of different materials – usually stiff materials such as wood, faux wood, vinyl etc. are used to make slatted blinds; whether horizontal or vertical.

Venetian blinds are usually vertical and can be opened or closed by working the cording system or they can be raised entirely to completely uncover the window.

Vertical blinds, unlike venetian blinds, are arranged side by side rather than one on top of another and can be opened, shut or moved aside as required. Attractive wood options can create a warm and inviting look and also offer complete privacy.

Sliding Panel Blinds: These are an excellent option for French windows or large windows, patio doors which can offer great flexibility and very contemporary feel. These are usually made from fabric so that you can have a great array of choice, in terms of color, pattern and other décor aspects.

Sheer blinds can also be used if you want to create a particular light look for the room (if privacy is not an issue of course). You can even create room dividers using these kinds of blinds. The panel widths may range from 30 cm to 60 cm, depending upon your requirements.

Roman Blinds: These blinds are also made from fabric and fold up from below into soft pleats offering an attractive rippling look when folded up. When roman blinds are lowered they lie flat, without the pleats or folds.

Bamboo Blinds: These are very attractive and popular choice these days, given the trend to go green. Since bamboo is a fast growing and sustainable choice of material and is so good looking requiring little maintenance, it is an excellent choice for blinds. Bamboo blinds have a warm and inviting look and are also low cost and easy to clean.


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