Draw Liner – A Good Old Tradition For Traditional Homes

In case you are going to decorate your house, one of the simplest things to do is to create draw liners.

These typical accessories for each of the home drawers aren’t so difficult to create and you can easily do it by yourself. Here are some ideas how to line a draw and how to create a lavender drawer liner.

The lavender is the perfect scent for your clothes, so you can even create an aromatic liner for the whole drawer.

traditional home

The tools and materials you will need are: measuring tape, scissors, fabric, pins, chalk and nearly 12 ounces lavender. You can replace the lavender with cedar, which is also eminent for discouraging insects.

First and most important is to create sachets, which are going to be placed in the drawer. Cover the drawers with the fabric you had chosen, but make sure you rewashed the drawer before setting it.

The same methods go for the kitchen draw liners. The difference is that they are usually covered with oilcloth. Measure well the working area and the length of the oilcloth.

In case you really want to create something different, you can also use the leftover oilcloth as a wipe-clean surface for children’s craft, if you just cut it into small figures.


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