The Perfect Dining Table For Your House

The biggest designers and home decorators know for sure that, when it comes to the dining table, this is the soul of your house. This is explainable, because the table has always been a symbol of the family and the times we spend sharing food, events and joy.

Considering the thousand options you have for changing your dining table, you should think about the area of the room you will eventually place your new table.

dining table 1

The experts are clear – the most important thing is to measure your area and to decide where to place the dining table. In case you don’t have enough space, you should go for little tables, because you need to provide about 60cm of free space behind each chair.

The access is also important. The new table surely needs to match your home décor. Therefore, if your room is spacious enough, take a big dining table and this will guarantee that you will cope with extra guests. Wooden tables are always in trend and match any décor.

The surface of your table is also important. The highly polished tables need some extra care, especially when they are wooden. Glass dining tables match the futuristic and clean interiors, but they are not good in homes with country style or apartments that provides cozier atmosphere.

dining table 2

Surfaces like stone and marble also require more lavish decoration and their disadvantage is that they are cold. Lately many designers are decorating very modern houses with laminated dining tables. Laminate is also a good option, because it matches all kinds of homes and it is inexpensive.

Many prefer it, just because the laminate is hard-wearing. Another important issue, when choosing a dining table is the right shape. Round tables are lavish and practical in the meantime, because they can be placed in high traffic areas and they don’t need so much space.

However, most of the dining tables are preferably large square tables, but you will need space and special intimate decoration. In case your room isn’t big enough, go for oval or round tables. They create a family atmosphere, without any extra space.

When it comes to the design of your table, make sure it matches the other furniture in your home. You can also create a contrast, but the style of your dining room needs to be kept.

Another issue is the color. If it’s wooden, most of the designers are advising you to take a table in dark colors, but if your home is entirely in the light or the neutral palette, you should go for the same colors, when choosing a dining table


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