Farmhouse Decor: Decorate Using This Homey Style

farmhouse decorAre you sick to death of modern and contemporary décor?

Are you looking to get back to the traditional way of decorating a home?

Farmhouse décor can add warmth and coziness to your home.

It is an easy method of decorating and we aim to show you how it’s done. You may even find that it costs a lot less than other styles of home interior decorating.

Tips for Farmhouse Decorating

  • The color scheme for farmhouse decorating is vibrant. Lean towards bold and bright hues such as greens, blues and reds.
  • The style of furniture used in Farmhouse décor is heavily wooded. This is what gives this particular style of interior decorating its warm appeal.
  • Any cloth accessories such as curtains, napkins or tablecloths, utilize checkered or another type of patterned fabric.
  • For a real country look and feel use earth tones for accents.
  • Rooms should be decorated with natural objects such as twigs, sticks, leaves and ferns which will add authenticity to your décor.
  • Decorative rustic items such as old fashioned kitchen tools, carved or painted objects, animal collections or even fruits and vegetables will look as if they naturally belong in the room.
  • Earthen pots filled with dried flowers or another type of potpourris are great accent pieces.
  • For your wall art, decorate using rural scenes or hang homemade pot holders or aprons.
  • Scatter baskets around the house which can also serve to clean up clutter. Tie bold colored ribbons on the handles to make them stand out.
  • Your flooring can be natural wooden floor, tiles of terra cotta, cement, stone or marble that is unpolished. You can scatter farmhouse inspired throw rugs to give it a homey feeling and to keep your feet warm.

Decorating in the Farmhouse style is not a new trend. Those that employ this décor feel their homes are cozy and warm places where they like to sit awhile have a cup of coffee and gossip with friends and family.

It is a soothing style of decorating that is easy on the eyes and on the psyche.  It has been a popular style of interior decorating for years.

The farm wives of the past didn’t realize that housewives of the future wouldturn to inspiration from the past in order to make their homes warm and inviting.


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