Easy To Follow Principles To Make Your Interior Decoration More Successful!

Interior DecorationDecorating a home interior is a great challenge. Interior decoration is nothing but an art of trimming a room in an attractive, functional and accessible way.

Interior Decoration Vs Interior Design

People often consider interior decoration to be same as interior design. There is much difference between the two terms.

These terms are often used interchangeably but are not synonyms. Both are interconnected to each other.

Interior design is a proper planning and administrating the design and implementing the structural interiors and their furnishings, where as interior decoration is the adorning of existing architecture elegantly using pretty or fashionable equipments.

The Basic Principles Of Interior Decoration And Design:

Interior decoration is very interesting and exciting activity. People often decorate the rooms with full of stylish items, but lacks feel and look in the room. Creating a warm and inviting room is really very easy, if you understand the basics of interior decoration.

Focus on these simple basic principles and gain more confidence to make more well-versed decision about your interior decoration and make it more successful.

Scale and Proportionality:

It is a basic principle of interior decoration for a well-balanced look. The term “scale” is often referred to the size of a thing. It can be a home decorating item or the space itself. The term “proportion” is referred to the rapport among the elements or equipment depending on the size. An interior decoration becomes successful with a good scale and a good scale is attained with right proportionate of the elements relative to each other, and also to the whole.

Consider the principle as how the elements of the room affect the room size (scale) and to each other (proportion) in regards to the size. Remember that an overstuffed sofa would be out of proportion in a room with little space.


Balance is very crucial in interior decoration. It refers to the grouping of elements that gives a well-balanced look in a room. The sense of balance can be asymmetrical or symmetrical. The grouping of elements in the vein of a mirror image is a symmetrical balance and if it is not in the vein of mirror image then it is asymmetrical balance.

Consider the principle as how to balance the elements in the room that creates a beautiful look. Remember that arranging large furniture pieces at single side of a room creates an unbalanced look.


Rhythm is based on movement and is set by repetition of shapes, colors, and grouping. Repetition creates unity. Repetition of color, size, or pattern gives a feeling of unity in a room.


Creating a contrast can draw attention in a room. Contrast in a room keeps the room away from a feeling of bore and creates variety. While decorating a room, continue with the same style but make changes in the color, magnitude, and motif of the elements.


The harmony of the room is attained by applying all the principles (proportion, balance, contrast and rhythm) to a single room. It is the union of both unity and variety. All the elements of the interior decoration should be according to its harmony.


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