5 Easy Ways to Design a Photo Wall

Photo walls are here to stay; however, your home should look unique. Gallery walls or photo walls are one of the most common ways to decorate home. Here in this article, we are sharing 5 easy ways to design a photo wall and step up your home decoration.

 5 Easy Ways to Design a Photo Wall

1. The Grid pattern:

In this pattern, 6, 9 or 12 photo frames having identical size is arranged in a grid. It is perfect for decorating the space above a dining table, a couch or even above a headboard. For making your decoration look more appealing pick sleek and uniform frame and think about the theme of your grid beforehand. Themes such as wedding or travel are perfect.

2. The vertical column:

Though very basic yet has its own charm. Arranging 3 or 4 picture frames in a vertical column is perfect for the empty space beside a window or a wall. This arrangement of frames does wonder in small and tight areas. If you want the arrangement to look more appealing, try mixing different size of frames or metals.

3. The Salon style:

If you are someone who loves collecting frames and over the time you have gathered so many that you can cover an entire wall with your collection then this one is perfect for you. In this style of decoration different frames are hung on a wall starting from the bottom to the top, covering the wall completely with pictures. This is perfect if you are having a nook or an alcove that you would like to fill with various pictures. For making space look more beautiful try sticking to only one metal or type of frames. For instance, you can stick to only gold frames or wooden frames as this will keep the tones consistent.

4. The ledge style:

This is the type of wall decoration in which 3 to 5 picture frames are leaned side by side on a shallow shelf on your wall. For people who love changing the decoration after regular intervals this way of arranging picture frames is amazing. In this type of decoration, you can even mix and match the size and nature of the pieces for keeping the decoration multidimensional.

5. The classic pattern:

This is the most popular pattern which you will notice in almost every coffee shop. This pattern is perfect if you want to revamp an old space and want to make it look fresh. For this pattern, you must have a clear idea about the space you want to fill and how exactly you would like it to look. In this decoration, picture frames of different dimensions, sizes, and types can be used and this will make your gallery wall have a collected feel.

One of the best things about the patterns mentioned above is that they can be customized according to your own taste and they evolve over time. You can even increase or decrease the number of frames you want to use. Well, are you still confused? Hope not as these styles are the best and are widely used by people for decorating their space.


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