Top 4 Tips and Suggestions for Mexican Interior Designs

If you are someone who is planning to decorate his house on a Mexican based theme, then you will be happy to know that there are many amazing ideas, tips and suggestions that can help you achieve a wonderful looking home and interiors.

Mexican interiors are usually very laid back, cheerful and inviting.  Some things which such interiors may include are solid furniture pieces, colorful and bright surroundings, ethnic feel and open spaces.  The following are some of the top tips and suggestions for creating a Mexican style interior space:

suggestions for mexican interior designs

1. Furniture

One of the main parts of Mexican interior designs is the furniture. Mexican furniture is hugely inspired from Spanish, Mayan and Chinese cultures and is usually full of ornamentation on it.  You must pick pine wood as the main material for it and every furniture piece must be broad and large in size.  It must have a lot of colors in it and some that you can include are cherry, blue and orange.  Ceramic tiles can be placed on top of wooden furniture in case of tables and side tables to complete the look.  You can either go for wooden flooring or hardwood flooring as well.

2. Fabrics and Upholstery

Mexican interior designs do not have a lot of wall to wall carpeting and hence it must be avoided.  Use rugs which are small in size and colorful in appearance at several places and match them with multicolored cushions and upholstery.  Go for natural fabrics when it comes to sofas and curtains.  Use fancy and layered curtains and leather too can be used at several places for an authentic Mexican feel and look. When it comes to choosing bed spreads, bed linen and bathroom linen, then go for light pastels or deep shades. Use contrasting colors like when matching bed spread and cushions, use contrasting colors like pinks with blues or reds with yellows and so on.

3. Accessories

Another important part of interior designs is accessories. Mexicans love using a lot of accessories in their homes and offices and to attain a Mexican interior space, you too must consider adding a lot of them. Place frames, candles, lamps, showpieces, pottery pieces and other accessories in various parts of the house for making the place look lively and bright. Use as many geometric patterns as possible to go closer to attaining the Mexican style of interiors.

4. Color Patterns and Styles

A lot of emphasis is paid to the colors used in Mexican interiors. If you wish to decorate your interior space in Mexican style, then you too must choose colors carefully. Go for brighter shades, contrasting hues and happy colors.  Some colors that work best are yellows, maroons, deep reds, greens, blues and pinks.  You can use these bright colors to paint the walls, while choosing the curtains, choosing the rugs and also while selecting the accessories and tiles etc.

Thus make use of the above given tips and have a perfect Mexican interior design for your home.


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