Color Wheel To Select Excellent Colors For Your Home Design!

Color WheelColor is a most powerful element in home design.

It can change the appearance of a home radically and also makes a huge impact within a space.

Selecting the right home design colors can create a vast difference in the look and feel of a home.

But, deciding on what colors really apt to the home is a common problem for everyone.

Gaining knowledge on a few basic color principles can help in designing successful color combinations for any home.

Color Selection For Your Home Design:

The Basics of Colors:

The pure form of a color is often referred to as a hue. The darkness or lightness of a color is known as its color value. When black is added to a hue, it results in a shade. When white is added, it is a tint.

Color wheel is an excellent tool to help identify, mix and pick virtually any colors for a well-balanced color scheme. The designing of the color wheel is based on a systematic series of primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

  • Red, yellow and blue are the primary colors.
  • Green, orange and purple are the secondary colors formed from a mixture of two primary colors.
  • Yellow-orange, orange-red, red-violet, violet-blue, blue-green, and green-yellow are the six tertiary colors created from an equal combination of primary and secondary colors.

The Categories Of Color Wheel:

The colors of a color wheel can be combined in several different ways to create harmonious color schemes. These simple guidelines help you create a right color scheme. The colors are categorized into complementary, analogous, warm, cool and neutral colors.

  • Complementary colors lie opposite to each other on the color wheel. These colors are lively and more noticeable.
  • The analogous colors on the color wheel lie close to each other. These colors are very pleasant.
  • Warm colors lie on the right side of the color wheel. These colors are made up of red, yellow, orange, or combinations of these colors. Warm colors are lively and tend to make warmth and inviting.
  • Cool colors lie on the left of the color wheel. Blue, green, purple, or its combinations are cool colors. These colors give a calm and peaceful effect.
  • Neutral colors include: Black, white, and gray. These colors are not visible on the color wheel. These colors are elegant and vivid.

Color Schemes For Home Design:

Plan color arrangement of a color scheme using color wheel. Color scheme helps to find out the balance between the colors in your home design. Decide your own color scheme for your home design using the following:

Monochromatic Scheme: As the name itself suggests, that the scheme makes use of a single basic color. But, uses in a variety of values. The scheme tends to be very simple and soothing.

Complementary Scheme: This scheme uses complementary colors, the colors that lie opposite to each other on the color wheel. The scheme is a little bolder and multi-colored. This scheme needs a careful selection of colors to avoid the clashing among colors.

Adjacent Scheme: This scheme employs analogous colors, the colors that lie next to each other on the color wheel. The scheme can be slightly unusual with rare color combinations. When using this scheme, prefer selecting colors with dissimilar value and intensity.

Triadic Scheme: This scheme makes use of colors that are at equal distance on the color wheel. The scheme tends to be energetic and dramatic. To use this scheme successfully, select the colors carefully with one color as dominant and the two as subtle accent colors.


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