6 Top Decor Tips For Privacy In Small Living Space

One of the most precious commodities in a busy, overcrowded world, privacy is probably top of most people’s priority lists after a hectic day at work or running after the family.

However, maintaining a sense of privacy in your home, especially if you have a small living area, can be a tough challenge.  More than any other living area, it requires special attention to every aspect.

Follow this advice to make the most of your personal space and design a private world where no-one can disturb you.

1. Use curtains

Rather than adding additional walls or doors, hanging curtains is an absolutely ideal way to divide a small room into sections without taking up extra space.

A major bonus in using curtains instead of room dividers is that you can remove them whenever you don’t need them or feel like a change of scenery. Select to match or complement wall colour as well as flooring.

2. Add plants

Besides adding a natural element to the home, tall plants or indoor trees, like palms, can create exclusive pockets of privacy even in a small living space. The advantage of using plants for privacy is that they enhance the beauty of often solid surroundings, are inexpensive and can be changed frequently. Just make sure you water regularly and that there is someone to do the same when you are away.

3. Economize on furniture

When purchasing furniture for a small living space, stick with accessories that occupy minimal space and give you place to unwind. Instead of cumbersome furniture, use free-standing book cases or screens to cordon off pocket holes of space in your home.

4. Install movable partitions

Nowadays, movable walls or flexible wall systems can completely alter the appearance and atmosphere of a room. Divide your large room into smaller ones as the mood or need for a private space requires, and transform it back into a large room whenever you’re ready to face the world again. Almost as prolific as paint colour ranges, partitions come in a variety of designs and patterns.

5. Get a white noise machine

Generally used to promote sleep, machines that simulate waterfalls or other natural elements are also a great way to cut out external noise like barking dogs, keyboard clicks or loud conversations. A portable fan or indoor fountain can achieve the same effect by creating a sense of natural rhythm.
6. Buy an aromatherapy burner
Depending on what essence you use, essential oils can clear the head and open up your mind space. Add crystals with healing vibrations to make your personal space a space that is yours alone.


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