Know The Purpose Of Curtains In Each Room And Select Them Accordingly!

curtains in each roomAre you thriving to change the look of your house with minimal cost? Every one wants to add beauty to their house, if it is a matter of few bucks.

The simplest, quickest and the most affordable way of changing the look of the room is with the arrangement of curtains.

Every one think that curtains are only used for stopping the unnecessary flying objects from outside and for giving a solitude view for the people living inside.

Other than these uses, curtains can also be used to add beauty to the room and are cheap decorative items.

Many feel that curtains are only used for softening the angular lines of windows and for controlling the sun exposure. But the truth is the curtain hanged in the living room carries a different objective from the curtain hanged in bathroom, every curtain has its own purpose.

Know the different objectives of curtains in different rooms before using them in your home. Other than decorative purpose, curtains carry their respective job. So, by knowing the job of these curtains, you can choose them according to the requirement of the rooms and with this you can flourish the look of the room with curtains.

Objectives of curtains:

Bedrooms: The main use of the curtains in the bedroom is to control the harshness of the sun in the day time and for giving a pleasant look. You can control the sun effect with rolling screens and shaded glass. But these window accessories will not give an elegant look to the windows when compared to the curtains. When you hang a decorative curtain in the bedroom and sun rays penetrate from the curtain, the look is different and elegant [Window decoration].

Kitchen: Decorative curtains are not suggested for the kitchen area, as you will be dealing with greasy items and this may spoil these curtains. Light curtains are suggested for kitchens and are dealt as ideal curtains. Privacy is not required in kitchen; only use is to stop the flying objects from outside. Curtains which do not get spoiled easily are prescribed in the kitchen area.

Family room: Many love to use sliding glass doors in their family room, if you are having the glass doors in the family room then you should prefer heavy designed curtains and fabric which acts as an additional beauty for the family room. The main use of curtains in these rooms is for partitions from other rooms and for adding an extra elegance to the family room.

Bathroom: Privacy is the main issue in the bathroom, so thick curtains are suggested in the bathrooms which give complete privacy and cover the window. Many use vinyl shades in the bathrooms for covering the windows.

Other than the use of covering the windows in the bathroom, these are also used for making a partition in the bathroom. Some people divide the bathroom from the bathing tub, so curtains are also used to make partitions. The fabric that is used in the bathroom is different from the fabric that is used in the other rooms. Mainly plastic fabric that do not absorb water are prescribed for using in the bathrooms.


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