5 Tips For Selecting Children’s Furniture

Whether it’s bedding, comfy chairs or play accessories, adding furniture to your childen’s bedroom should both soothe and stimulate the senses.

Choose kid’s furniture with care and pave the way to developing an active, responsive imagination. Opt for impermanent, movable furniture which can adapt to new décor to accommodate quick growth and change in interests.

Because the formative years are such crucial building blocks, the atmosphere in which your child spends most of his/her time needs to be carefully monitored.

When selecting furniture, be sure to follow a few basic principles to make the selection process easy and keep your child out of harm’s way.

Adaptability: Because children grow so quickly, you need to ensure that the furniture you choose is adjustable. By doing this, you will minimize the costs of buying new furniture for your kids on a regular basis.

Safety: The most important area of consideration when selecting children’s furniture, safety needs to be top of your list, especially when it comes to baby’s rooms. Because children are sensitive, naive and powerless to remedy an injury as small as a scratch, make sure that the furniture does not have any sharp edges or lose stability easily.

Check as far as possible that all accessories and furniture will not cause pain. Use cork or bright rubber tiles for flooring to cushion their falls and make it easier to clean.

Wheels: While this is the most comfortable and easiest mode of transporting your child, it can be the most dangerous if proper care is not taken in the selection process of furniture with wheels. Ensure that the wheels have locking capacity, and that the locks which are fixed to the wheels are secured.

Cleaning: Kids don’t stay clean for a minute and toddlers do not know how to be clean. Ensure, therefore, that the kids’ furniture you choose is easy to clean. Besides being unsightly, dirty furniture can also serve as a breeding ground for disease. Paint walls with a paint and color that does not show the dirt and is easy to clean.

Or add blackboards which take up half the area of the wall and allow them space to draw and keep on erasing as new ideas come into their head.

Storage: Choose kids’ furniture that is foldable and easily movable. If you go for furniture that is unfoldable and unmovable, keep it in the child’s room. Because they are so active, you should allow children freedom to roam in open spaces.

If furniture is unmovable, the furniture cannot be taken outside for their enjoyment.  Make sure there is enough storage space for all their toys, books and clothes, whether it be in wardrobes or bright plastic boxes to match the décor.


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