How To Create A Luxurious Bathroom?

Whether you are moving to a new place, buying a house or spicing up your current home, the kitchen and bathroom are the most important rooms in terms of adding value.

The bathroom, where private, sensual moments are spent, is possibly the moodiest room in the house and fixtures are constantly evolving way beyond the mundane.

From smooth marble floors and elegantly arched faucets, to subtly scented towels and atrium gardens, the possibilities for pampering are endless.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, use these tips to turn your bathroom into a luxurious haven: [Bathroom Designs]

1. Fabulous fixtures and faucets

Faucets and fixtures add a dazzling edge to your bath, basin and shower. Exercise imagination, but choose with discrimination: complement the color and mood, but stay within your price range. Whether it’s arty, classical or practical you’re after, bathroom fixtures are constantly evolving and the only limit is your judgment.

2. Aesthetic area rugs

Besides providing a cushion for weary feet, soft area rugs add color, texture and depth. Explore the wide variety of rugs in a wide variety of stores, and match your mood to your budget.

3. Fog-free mirrors

Combat the clouds of steam after a lengthy shower, and invest in fog-free mirrors. Besides helping you to see yourself in the mirror, they add an interesting touch to your bathroom.

4. Spa baths and jetted bath tubs

If you’re into hydro-thermal massages or soothing background sounds, it’s not difficult to create a mini spa in the confines of a small space. These days, jetted bath tubs are available in various shapes and sizes, and shower heads with pulsating heads, hand showers and body sprays come in a range of exciting variations.

5. His and Hers

Use the feng shui principles of yin and yang to create separate areas for male and female. Go for clean lines in the male area and add soft, flowy dimensions like watery, patterned wallpaper for the female area. As a general rule, put the shower, which should have a full head in the male area and bath in the female area.

6. Extravagant illuminations

One of the most romantic rooms in the house, the bathroom is an ideal place to experiment with lighting to achieve luxury at all levels. Go for direct lighting over the sink for applying make-up or for shaving.

Add dimmer switches for more subtle moods, or elegant chandeliers for dramatic effect. Silver, brass or copper fixtures can add enchantment and create classic continuity at the same time.


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