Keeping Your Home Safe And Healthy

home safeBuying your first home may be exciting, but now the more difficult part starts.

You must learn to manage your finances, juggle household duties with school or work duties and maintain the health and safety of your home. [Home security tips]

Three of the most universal problems that all homeowners might face are fires, asbestos and home invasion.

Protecting your home from fire

Depending on where you’re at, you will have to worry about different natural disasters. But fire is a universal danger. In order to keep your home safe from fires, you must stock your home with a fire extinguisher.

Be sure to also have a smoke detector, sprinkler system and several exits from your home that are easily accessible [Home smoke alarms]. In order to protect yourself from smoke, be sure that you have easily accessible windows in order to let all smoke out of your home.


Getting a neighborhood watch program started is a fantastic way to keep crime low in your community. Your doors must be locked. Door chain locks are very helpful.

All different entry-ways to your home should be sturdy and reinforced. Also, several different electronic-based measures can be taken to ensure that intruders are deterred from entering your home.

Install motion-activated lights and outdoor path lighting. These lights can be placed throughout the perimeter of your house. When activated, they not only frighten would be intruders but also allow you to see individuals who may be dangerous.

Home alarm system

The residential alarm system is a fantastic way to prevent burglaries. The alarm system alerts everyone in your house to the intruder. When you’re not home, the alarm system can often frighten intruders away.

Also, many home alarm systems send signals to a burglar alarm monitoring service, notifying them to send a police officer over to investigate. But of course, these home security systems are only as helpful as they function.

Have a home alarm specialist come to your home regularly to verify that your home alarm system and your home security accessories are functioning properly.


Asbestos is a material that was once commonly used in building. Scientists later discovered that this material released fibers that could be inhaled. The inhalation of these fibers can cause mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.

Mesothelioma is a form of lung cancer and asbestosis is a chronic inflammation of the lungs. These medical conditions can lead to various health problems that can eventually cause death. Therefore, it is prudent that you ensure that your home does not contain asbestos.

When removing asbestos, workers must have proper respirators in order to avoid inhaling the asbestos fibers. Pipes and boilers that contain asbestos must not be broken unless proper respirators are used because a very large amount of asbestos can be released.

Lead paint

Older homes often have lead-based paint. This paint can cause lead poisoning in children that eat the paint chips. Therefore, houses that contain lead paint should have the lead paint removed and replaced with a paint based in a less dangerous substance.


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