How to Select the Right Kind of Home Safe?

Why does one need a home safe when there are safety vaults available in the banks – because, not everything can be kept in a bank locker! There are certain items which have high sentimental value, while some items having practical usage like tax return papers can be kept in the home safe. The question then is how to buy such safes. Before buying a home safe some points needs to be considered; here are some important tips for buying home safe –

select the right kind of home safe

6 Tips for Buying Home Safe

Generally you will find home safes of the capacity of 1.2 to 1.3 cubic feet. Mainly the safes are made to protect the documents or other valuables from fire or theft, or both. A few of the safes also protect items from water too. All you need to know is how to choose the most suitable safe for your home. Here are some tips which will help you in buying a good and useful home safe.

  • The first consideration that you should keep in mind is the volume of items that you need to put inside a safe. Buy a safe according to that estimate. Make sure the safe is not too congested and you have some space left for future items. It is therefore a smarter idea to buy a bigger safe.
  • When you are buying a safe, you must consider its fire rating. The fire rating tells you as to how much temperature a safe can deal with and for how long it can protect your valuables in case of a fire. It is advisable to take a safe which at least have one hour of fire rating. Another consideration which is important here is the kind of items that the safe is supposed to protect. For example if a safe is made to protect papers from fire, it will not be able to handle heat beyond 350 degrees.
  • The next consideration is that if the safe can protect your valuable items from being stolen. To know how burglar-resistant the safe is, you need to check its cash ratings. However, these ratings are mainly available for safes meant to used for commercial purposes, like in a jewelry store. However, there are independent ratings available which can be used for home safes.
  • It is better to pick a safe with combination lock, than to choose one with a key. Many people lose their keys, so, it can be really unsafe. Also do not keep very common combinations for your safe, that can be easily guessed, for example your birth date.
  •  You need to decide if you want a portable safe or a permanent one installed in a chosen place. If it is a portable one, you need to check if the safe can be carried out by one adult if need be.
  • Your budget is another important consideration. The more money you are ready to spend, the more secure safe you will be able to buy.

Keep these tips in mind, and buying a home safe will become much easier.


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