Design And Decorate Your Home With Lighting

lightingHaving the right kind of lighting in your home is always very important.

You want your lighting to match the design and decorating theme of your wonderful surroundings.

Lighting has a way of changing the mood of a room [Mood lighting]. It can make a room feel warm and cozy.

The type of lighting you choose will portray your personality. However, current style trends will affect the lighting styles available. Each room in your home is used for different things and will require a certain lighting style. Your lighting idea should enhance the theme that you have chosen for each individual room.

Techniques of Lighting

1.Highlighting: This type of lighting is used when you want to bring attention to important or sentimental objects in a room. Highlighting an expensive painting or a very old antique piece will make it stand out for everyone to notice when they enter your home. The use of highlighting will compliment your sense of style.

2.Up Lighting: This is an illuminating lighting idea. If you would like to illuminate a certain wall in your home then you will want to use up lighting. Sometimes this is used when you can’t put any other lighting in the room.

3.Backlighting: Backlighting can make a room seem larger. It is usually used by letting the light shine through something that is translucent. This technique has become very popular and can give a wonderful effect to any room.

Types of Lighting

  • Soft Lighting: Your lighting style should not be overbearing in certain rooms. You may want your bedroom to have this type of lighting. You can use lighting fixtures in your bedroom that let you turn down the lights which will create a romantic atmosphere. This type of lighting sets the mood of the room.
  • Track Lighting: This lighting style allows you to choose how much light you want in your room and where you want to use this light. You have the option with track lighting to have several lights in a row that illuminate certain parts of your room. This style does away with larger types of lighting such as chandeliers. [Selecting a chandelier]

Lighting Styles

If your living room area has a western theme you may want to purchase lamps with cowboy themes or put western themed lighting sconces on your wall.

A breezy lighting idea for your sunroom would be to install a beautiful ceiling fan.This will not only provide air circulation in the room but it also provides the right amount of lighting.

Kitchens can benefit from track lighting especially over the sink.You can buy all types of track lighting depending on your kitchen’s theme. A room that is a work area will need a more aggressive type of lighting.

Since this is a work area you will want the lighting to be bright enough to be able to see what you are working with.

A good way to choose lighting for your home is to decide what you want the light to accomplish for your room. The rest is based on your own personal taste and theme you have chosen for your home.


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