The Best 5 Ways to Escape a Locked Room

Challenging and uncommon problems are a common part of human life and this might be encountered by anybody and anytime. Hence, it is essential that you are prepared for it. One such problem that may be faced by you is getting yourself in a locked room.

This could be by the knob getting locked all of a sudden, the key getting lost and such other instances. However, you need to overcome such problems and tackle the situation effectively. The below mentioned tips will definitely help you to escape from a locked room in an easy way.

ways to escape a locked room

1. Stay Calm and Check if Anybody is out

Do not panic. It is necessary that you stay calm and relax for a while. Check if somebody is out and seek assistance. You could seek help by screaming through the window. Somebody would surely listen to you if this is done and you could get some help.

2. Make Noise with any Object

If you do not find anybody outside, you need to act smartly. Try making some sounds with any object and by this, somebody would definitely get attracted to such sound. Thereafter you could seek help from them.

3. Unscrew the Knob

This is the best to be done during emergencies. Try to unscrew the knob and then remove it off. The lock system is different for every door. Hence, just take sometime to know as to how it works and then look out to unscrew or open it.

4. Keep Some Contact Information Handy

If you have a cell phone with you, you truly need not worry. Keep some contact information handy through which you can seek assistance from people during such times. There are many professionals who would help to get you out from a locked room or you could take some help from you mates too.

5. Make use of Thin Plastic Object

If you have a thin plastic object, then you could get lucky to open the door by yourself. Just slide the card between the door and bend it towards the opposite direction. It will force the lock to go backwards. Try to lean against door when you do this and the door will tend to open quickly.

By following the above mentioned tips, you would surely stay calm and try getting some assistance when you are locked in a room. Never panic! Keep this information handy as you may need it anytime.

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