5 Tips on Choosing the Right Smoke Detector

Residential fires can be quite hazardous, if not outright fatal. Each year, a large number of people die from household fire and a few more are killed from carbon monoxide choking, the gas is thus also known as the silent killer.

However, you can avoid a fire accident in your home and keep your family safe from fire, by following a few safety measures and getting a smoke detector and mini fire extinguishers. Since there are many types of these smoke detectors available in the market, it might be a bit difficult to choose the perfect one for your home. To help you with the same below given are some tips:-

tips on choosing the right smoke detector

5 Easy Steps of Choosing the Right Smoke Detector

Choosing the right smoke detector can be easy once you know a little bit about the machine and your needs. Therefore all you need to do is learn about the smoke detector and then make a selection. Here the process is broken into 5 easy steps to make the matter easy for you

  • First and foremost you need to take a quick lesson in the types of smoke detector that are generally available in the market. There are smoke detectors with Ionization alarms, photoelectric alarms, duel sensor alarms, etc. Among them the dual sensor alarm seems a smart choice, since the alarms in this type of smoke detector is both ionized and photoelectric.
  • Check how the smoke detector runs. Some of the smoke detectors have 9volt AA or AAA batteries. One problem with that is that you will need to take them out and replace after a period of time. There are some smoke alarms with lithium batteries too, which run throughout the life of the machine and thus they are better options.
  • You also need to know about the kind of alarm that suits your house the best. The size of the house is a decisive factor. All your rooms and hallways should have alarms, even the basement. However, for kitchen, photoelectric smoke alarm is the most suitable because the duel sensor alarm often catches the smoke that is emitted during cooking. Also have a brainstorming session as to what are your particular needs out of a fire alarm.
  • You must choose an easy to maintain alarm. If it is too difficult to maintain they tend to get dirty and are capable of triggering what is called a false alarm in the real sense. Go for the ones that have removable lid which is easier to clean and maintain.
  • This is something important; your device must have the possibility to turn the alarm off, without shutting down the whole system. You will need this at a time when false alarm starts to buzz.

The above given are few important points that you must know before you embark on buying a fire alarm. Also make sure to read the ratings and the reviews before you buy a particular model.


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